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Polaroid of the week: Canada Day in Ottawa

Polaroid of the week: Canada Day in Ottawa

Last Updated on March 12, 2021

.polaroid of the week canada day in ottawa

We spent Canada Day, the country’s 144th birthday on 1 July 2011, in Ottawa. Canada’s capital has the country’s most spectacular celebrations, a passionate patriotism that literally paints the entire town red – like this happy guy here!

The city’s Jazz Fest was on at the same time, with stages set up and street music played throughout the city center. Every patch of grass in the very green city was taken by picnicking families out celebrating the nation, almost everyone in red and white, maple leaf flags flying high.  It was fun for us to see hundreds of thousands Canadians celebrating their ‘big day’, and this year everyone was extra charged, as even Prince William and Catherine, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, attended the celebrations on Parliament Hill.


Friday 15th of July 2011

A few years back I got to march in our local Canada Day parade and I got "volunteered" to lead the precision shopping cart driving drill team. Well I accepted and helped with the practice the day before. When I arrived in the morning they brought out my costume. I wasn't aware of the costume component earlier. Nor the pair of boxers inspired by our Canadian flag. That was one strategically placed maple leaf! LOL

Thanks for the twitter follow and I love your site! :D Perhaps won day our adventures will cross-over and if you ever make it out west and want any location suggestions etc let me know :D

Jordan aka The Maplemusketeer


Monday 18th of July 2011

Thank you Jordan! We were hoping to visit Western Canada while we're here but this time it won't happen :-( We will be back though for sure - we can't wait to explore B.C.!


Saturday 9th of July 2011

Love the photo. I've always wanted to spend Canada Day in Ottawa, it looks like it would be a lot of fun.


Sunday 10th of July 2011

Hey thanks! It was a lot of fun, people were extra spirited this year, running around with 'Partying with the Royals' t-shirts because of Kate and Will, but it was awesome to see how festive the celebrations were. Plus, throughout all the 'chaos' everyone was still super friendly! :-)