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Polaroid of the week: A vintage car in Ontario, Canada

Polaroid of the week: A vintage car in Ontario, Canada

Last Updated on February 22, 2021


Polaroid of the week Canada Merrickville Vintage CarOntario is car country! They love their classic cars here and we see proud owners of vintage cars cruising through the country side in their well-maintained rides all the time. During the summer there is a classic car show in some town at almost every weekend. The Merrickville car show is one of the biggest in Ontario, with over 1000 registered cars, trucks, and hot rods, one tractor and even one pimped out school bus!  It feels as if time stood still here is the old town of Merrickville as you zig zag through the vintage cars lining the Rideau Canal.

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Tuesday 9th of August 2011

That's so fun! My dad and grandfather had a lot of vintage cars when I was growing up (a 22 model T, reo, among others) and so I've always had a soft spot for old cars :)


Thursday 11th of August 2011

Hi Faith, there's just something romantic about vintage cars! I love that they are still valued so much in North America and that there are all these car shows - we've never seen anything like that in Europe!

Mack Reynolds

Friday 5th of August 2011

that's awesome. my best friend would love it there. i saw no reservations the other day and cubans really love their classic cars too. i love being around them and get a sense of nostalgia.


Saturday 6th of August 2011

Exactly! And plus seeing just how many people are into classic cars is so interesting. From older, retired types to young teenagers and younger moms and dads, we saw everyone gathering around the cars. Seeing them in Cuba would be amazing, of course....someday...:-)