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Mexico City’s Plaza Garibaldi is best known for the gatherings of the Mariachi musicians, especially on the weekends. The Plaza is located a ten minute walk up the Eje Central from the Palacio de las Bellas Artes in the historic center. It has several bars and restaurants and we enjoyed some delicious street food in the indoor market ‘San Camilito’. The most fun, however, is to sit down on the Plaza and watch the Mariachis arrive from all directions in the late afternoon, all fully dressed in traditional costumes and with their instruments. Up to 100 mariachi bands come together at the Plaza and it is a great pleasure to listen to the different groups showing off their singing skills.

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    1. Hey thanks! This mariachi was especially happy to be there that Friday, but hanging out on the Plaza Garibaldi with the Mariachis was a lot of fun in Mexico City! By the way – nice mask! Just went to Lucha Libre in Puebla on Monday night. Awesome!!!!! Look out for a short post about it soon!

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