Polaroid of the week: Hiking in the Negev Desert


Last Updated on March 8, 2021

polaroid of the week israel national trail negev desertI arrived in Israel last week and started my National Israel Trail trek pretty much right away – after one night in Tel Aviv, we drove down to the south of Israel, where we were dropped off in the middle of the Negev Desert, knowing we would be on our own for the next couple of days and probably not see another living soul during our desert hike.

The trek started off much more challenging than anticipated – the sun was high up in the sky already by the time we set off, and there was no shade, which meant that it was incredibly hot. I love the barren desert scenery though, and so I enjoyed traipsing through the ocher-colored desertscape, walking on sand and rocks, and not passing a tree or any other sign of life for hours.

On our first day, we crossed the Makhtesh Katan, a small crater that is not formed through a meteor impact, but by erosion. The makhtesh phenomenon is unique to the Negev Desert, where you find three larger ones of them which all look remarkably like meteor craters when you stand on the rim of them, and yet they have been created through erosive processes. The craters vary in size from 3 miles (5km) to 25 miles (40km) – luckily our trek only involved hiking the entire length of the small crater and parts of a larger one.

Instead of setting up tents at night, we slept right under the stars, which was an absolutely amazing experience – even for me, who is usually not a big fan of camping.

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  1. Wow, this hike sounds awesome. I’d never heard of the makhtesh phenomenon before this, but I’m always a fan of unique landscapes. Hiking around these craters sounds amazing and lucky you for getting to sleep under the stars. I can’t wait to hear more about your experience!

    1. I will share more about the trek soon – an amazing experience. The scenery felt otherworldly … I am still processing the trek 🙂

  2. I love camping under the stars but I don’t do it nearly enough. I camped under the stars for 2 nights in the Australian Outback in swags back in June and the night sky was incredible. I awoke in the morning to see a dingo sniffing around our campsite. It was an amazing experience.

    1. Oh, the Australian Outback would be another dream destination for a night under the stars! Adding it to my travel wish list 🙂

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