Polaroid of the week: French baguettes in Kampot, Cambodia

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polaroid of the week cambodia kampot french baguettesAlong with neighboring Laos, Cambodia was a protectorate under the French Empire until 1954, and the influence of the French is still visible in many places. Crumbling colonial houses with the typical French window shutters, French influences in the Khmer language and even though the French left over 50 years ago, you still find freshly baked baguettes piled high in bakeries and markets every day. While rice or noodle soup are also common for breakfast, many Cambodians start the day the French way – with a fresh baguette, enjoyed sweet (however, sweetened with condensed milk instead of jam) and a strong cup of coffee.



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    1. That’s true, Jan! We were so happy when we got to Laos and found ourselves surrounded by yummy French bread, and now again in Cambodia – loving it! 🙂

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