Polaroid of the week: Cute monkey lady in Langkawi, Malaysia


Last Updated on March 17, 2021 by Dani

polaroid of the week malaysia langkawi monkey ladyIsn’t she lovely! We took our rental car for a spin around the island of Langkawi beyond the beautiful Cenang beach and discovered it was monkey business as usual wherever we went. While winding up the roads to the north we passed over 20 monkeys relaxing on the side of the road. We watched a family of monkeys cool off in the pools of a waterfall we reached on a hike.

But the prize for the most adorable monkey goes to this sweet lady who was ‘waiting for us’ on the roof of our car (read: trying to break into our car). Staring up at us with those big green eyes, she seemed hungry. Unfortunately she picked the wrong pair, as we were starving too and had nothing to share. The three of us stood and stared at each other before we eventually got in the car and went off in search of a big post-hike lunch without her…

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    1. I didn’t realize that the effect makes such a big difference – I just put the picture into the setting that makes it look like a Polaroid – it makes it look a little bit ‘older’ at the same time.

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