Polaroid of the week: Climbing for coconuts on Little Corn Island


Last Updated on March 28, 2021



We met Frank walking through the jungle on Little Corn Island. For $1.50, he offered to climb up the tree and cut two coconuts open with his machete for us. You don’t turn down coconuts, and you sure don’t turn down a man with a machete in a jungle. So, Frank made us an offer we couldn’t refuse, and we had a delicious lunch of fresh coconut and coconut milk. You can’t beat this island life.

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  1. We were very excited to go to the Corn Islands – and we’re glad that we did!! They are still very much ‘off the beaten path’, but who knows for how much longer… more posts to come soon!

    1. Just imagine that picture!! Would you really want to see this? 😉 We wished we could’ve just climbed up and got them, cuz Frank wasn’t always around to get us some 😉

    1. Hi Alex, the Corn Islands were on our bucket list too and we were even more excited when we got there and found out that Little Corn Island is mentioned in the book ‘1000 places to see before you die’ – another place ticked off on our looooooooooong list 😉 The islands are very special and we’ll post about them in more detail soon. Hope you get to go there before they are completely overrun by tourists.

  2. I love that book! Is it the Lonely Planet one? I can’t wait to read your posts.

    I feel the “beat the tourists/environmental destruction” anxiety about so.many.places. For example I secretly hope the US never opens travel to Cuba – the thought of a cruise ship dock and a Senior Frogs in downtown Havana makes me want to cry.

    1. This is so funny – we were just talking about how we have to go to Cuba QUICKLY!! We’re sure things there will change soon – but we hope that Senor Frogs never makes it to Cuba!! (Scary thought!) Here’s a link to the book ‘1000 places to see before you die’: It’s subtitled ‘A Traveler’s Life List’ and we won’t stop traveling until we’ve ticked off all these places 🙂 Little Corn is great for diving, btw, and there are a few ship wrecks off the shore which you can explore.

      1. I just added that to my Amazon wishlist! Looks like a good one… Diving is my “thing” (my boyfriend is an instructor and I do underwater video) so pretty much any place with wrecks or reefs ends up on my bucket list!

        Having lived in Grand Cayman and visited my bf living in Nassau, Bahamas I have no doubt that the cruise ship industry would be an eroding influence on the culture in Cuba. I hope we all get a chance to go there first!

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