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Inventive and Crafty Ways to Keep Up With Important Dates While Travelling

Inventive and Crafty Ways to Keep Up With Important Dates While Travelling

Last Updated on February 15, 2024

Let’s kick this off with a fun yet definitely doable rundown on how to absolutely crush it at remembering important dates while you’re out traversing the globe. If you’re someone who has used the “Oops, I forgot our anniversary” or “Was that TODAY?” cards a thousand times already, then these tips will make sure you never have to use them again. Let’s dive right into it.

1. The Power of Tech: Reminder apps

First things first, folks – your smartphone is smarter than you think.There are apps that are built just to remind you of important dates that occur each year, and they’re absolute life-savers. Set those reminders – birthdays, anniversaries, meetings – and let your phone nag you about them. 

Pro-tip: put time zones in there if needed so you don’t end up FaceTiming someone at 3 AM on their special day.

2. Calendars and customized cards

Absolutely, tap into the sheer genius of digital calendars for birthdays. Here’s your cheat code: Set up all the important birthdays in your Google Calendar or any other digital calendar you fancy (the more colorful, the better!). Then, hit that repeat annually option. Now, here’s where it gets snazzy – create a customized birthday card for them and send them a heartfelt birthday greeting on their special day – they’re not going to see that coming.

You can also get creative with it. Toss in an inside joke from when you were kids or snap a selfie next to something bizarre reflecting their personality. Schedule this customized masterpiece ahead of time to be emailed out on their special day – that way you’re sending virtual hugs across continents right on cue. Digital calendars and cards are like peanut butter and jelly – separately awesome, together unstoppable!

3. Automate Those Messages

Ever heard of scheduled messages? They’re the unsung heroes for people who can’t keep track of time or dates. Write a heartfelt message (when you remember) and schedule it to be sent on the D-day using apps like WhatsApp or even text messaging apps with scheduling features. Voilà! You’re virtually there even when you’re not.

4. Unlock the Creativity of Handwritten Notes 

Old school? Maybe, but still very effective. Before jet-setting off, jot down handwritten notes or postcards for major events. Tuck them in your luggage and post ’em from wherever you are. People dig that vintage charm, trust me. Plus, it adds a personal touch that digital just can’t match.ozo wesley hong kong notepad

5. Go Analog With The Travel Journal

Grab a travel journal and use it as an old-fashioned reminder book. Sure, it’s low-tech but flipping through pages to find your next important date is oddly satisfying AND functional. And if you’re somewhere without reliable internet (yeah, that still exists), this baby’s got your back!

6. Postcards that will never be forgotten

Sending a postcard from your current adventure spot is like teleporting a slice of the experience directly to someone’s mailbox. Jot down why you miss ’em or something hilarious that happened. That little rectangle of cardboard becomes an irreplaceable keepsake capturing both the place and your thoughts forever. 

Plus, imagine their face lighting up getting snail mail that’s neither bills nor ads – priceless. So scribble away and let that tiny stamp carry some love across oceans or mountains straight into the hands of those you’re thinking about.postcards to oma

7. The Tattoo Planner

Just kidding…well, sort of – stick-on tattoos or hand-drawn symbols on your arm with a Sharpie can serve as extreme reminders for super important stuff (Imagine looking down at a cute little cake drawing reminding you of mom’s birthday). 

This is especially handy if you’re someone who rarely looks at your phone all day and can never remember where you left that important post-it note. It’s definitely not for everyone, but hey, for the adventurous spirit looking for a quirky method – why not?

8. Hook into the Local Festivities

Wherever you are in the world, they’ve got holidays and festivities too. So why not use them as markers? For example, “Gotta call Dad two days after Diwali,” or “Anniversary is always around Carnival.” It’s like tying a string on your finger, but with fireworks and parades.

9. The Reminder Souvenirs

While hopping from place to place, pick up unique souvenirs that can double as reminders. A fridge magnet bought a week before your best friend’s birthday becomes a nifty countdown timer every time you hit the hostel kitchen.

10. Leverage Social Media 

Social media usually does half the job reminding us of events thanks to their notifications. Keep those on! And if you’re going to be off-grid during an important date, craft a post ahead of time; just save it and publish when there’s internet access – boom!

11. Traveling Time Capsules

Prep little gifts or notes at home and leave them with someone trustworthy who can deliver them when it’s go-time (like leaving scripts with stage managers). This requires some trusting

relationships and a bit of preparation, but it results in a delightful surprise for your loved ones without you having to fret over the logistics from halfway across the world.

Sure, this one takes some planning ahead of time – think like prepping microwavable meals before a busy week – only it’s emotional sustenance you’re providing.

12. The Countdown Chain 

Remember making paper chains in school? Scoop up colorful paper on your travels and write down important dates. Each link is a visual countdown until you reach the big day. Rip one off as each day passes – satisfying and practical! Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to be crafty?

13. Custom Alarms – Not Just for Waking Up

Set alarms with labels for various events or deadlines (pro tip: pick different tunes so you won’t snooze through Aunt Clara’s birthday). It’s like having multiple quirky alarm clocks each playing their part in your symphony of responsibilities.


And there we have it! More than a dozen creative, slightly out-of-the-box ways to make sure those significant dates don’t just slip by unnoticed while traveling. Mix and match these tips based on what works for ya. Most importantly, never let being afar mean that you’re emotionally cut-off from your loved ones on their special days.