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The Best Places To Visit in the Sunshine Coast

The Best Places To Visit in the Sunshine Coast

Last Updated on November 26, 2021

Australia’s Sunshine Coast ain’t called the Sunshine Coast for no reason. I don’t know about you, but just by hearing its name, I can already picture the golden sunshine, the glistening beaches, the luscious parks, and the picturesque surroundings. This is what makes the Sunshine Coast one of the most exciting places in Australia; and today I am sharing some of the best attractions in the Sunshine Coast.

The best places to visit in the Sunshine Coast

The Ginger Factory

If you are a kid at heart or you just love taking pictures with mascots and rides, then you will love this one. There is no entrance fee, anyone has access to come in and take selfies and pictures. The Ginger Factory is one of the longest running family attractions in the Sunshine Coast, and one that offers featured tours, relaxed rides, great food, fun rides, a lovely garden. Snap pictures while riding Moreton, a 100-year old cane train that will show you around the park.

The SeaLife Aquarium

Take a selfie with sharks and different kinds of fish – without even having to get wet. Marvel at the beautiful creatures above you by walking along the SeaLife Aquarium. The park has been around since 1989, and is a staple attraction in the Sunshine Coast for years now. Take a picture with the reef creatures and the jellyfish without having to get into the water! You can also take snaps of the otter presentation and the ever famous seal show.

You can buy tickets to the aquarium here.

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Maleny Botanic Gardens

This might just be how paradise looks like, and you can now take selfies with it as your background. The Maleny Botanic Gardens are full of colorful flowers and a lush, green backdrop that is perfect for taking photos. You can even spot some bodies of water here such as waterfalls and ponds, which will look very interesting in pictures! The beauty is beyond belief, and everybody would think that you photoshopped yourself into it, but hey, as long as you have got proof, they can’t faze you!

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Noosa Main Beach

Of course, we have to include this one on the list! Wait for the sun to rise or to set, and enjoy a selfie with a picturesque view behind you. The water is crystal clear and the sand is so fine, you would want to take a snap of every minute of your stay there. You can even spot some dolphins if you’re lucky, and you can take a snap with them in the background if you are even luckier! Surfers are also always present in the area, so you can either take a dip or enjoy surfing in Noosa Beach.

best attractions sunshine coastThese are just a few of Sunshine Coast’s wonderful locations to take selfies. If you really want to enjoy the full beauty of the region, be sure rent a car in Sunshine Coast for comfort and convenience. There’s so much to do and so many places to see that driving a car is the best way to get around. See you at Sunshine Coast, have lots of fun and take tons of pictures!



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