Great American Road Trip – Raising the Spirits in Savannah

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Last Updated on January 12, 2012



They say Savannah, Georgia is a city built upon its dead…atop over 26,000 bodies, in fact. Victims of wars, Yellow Fever and infamous duels are buried just beneath parks, parking lots, and house plots throughout town, and are apparently quite easy to raise. This Labor Day weekend, however, in addition to traipsing through cemeteries, exploring haunted houses and hearing plenty of ghost stories, we have been raising a friendlier type of spirit here in town, too. We happen to be in Savannah just in time for the Savannah Craft Brew Fest 2011!

savannah craft brew fest

Since we have arrived in Savannah, it has been all about the beer! On Thursday, we GlobetrotterGirls were lucky enough to be beer judges at the professional tasting events to decide the top domestic beers for the festival. Best in Show accolades go to Plowboy Porter, a micro brew from Missouri.

Beer Tasting

The Craft Brew Fest officially opened with a beer dinner on Friday, where we sampled as many beers as possible while nibbling on cheese & crackers (who says cheese only goes with wine!).

cheese board craft brew festival

Yesterday’s Craft Brew Fest beer festival was all about home-grown brews. We drank various domestic beers from around the country such as RJ Rockers, Magic Hat, Sweet Water beers and Woodchuck Cider. We were really amazed to see how many people came out to the festival, which is growing exponentially from year to year.

beer float Savannah Crafts Brew Fest
Our first Beer Float!

Of course, we’re not only drinking beer here…we have explored the city’s squares, cemeteries, and sampled both the world famous Leopold’s Ice Cream (top ten in the US) and Mrs. Myrtles Cupcakes. We recommend you go to both while in town – your heart won’t thank you but your taste buds will!

Cupcakes Savannah

Needless to say, we are loving Savannah so far, and with only two days left- have some mega exploring to do, along with more heavy beer drinking this Labor Day weekend.

Dani & Jess at Craft Brew FestStay tuned for further adventures in Savannah, followed by our next step – Atlanta! If you have suggestions for us on what we should see or do in Atlanta or New Orleans, please share! You can get in touch with us here in the comments, or on Twitter or our GlobetrotterGirls Facebook page.

A special thanks to VisitSavannah for inviting us to the Craft Brew Fest and to the Westin Hotel for accommodating us so comfortably.

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  1. Aww love that photo at the bottom! Can’t wait for the Atlanta and NOLA posts, two places I’m dying to visit! Looks like you’re having so much fun.

    1. Hey Julia – yes so much fun, actually, and it’s also just so interesting to see so much of the country we have never seen. Getting the ‘feeling’ of the south has been fascinating. We head to Atlanta today and NOLA on the 8th, so stay tuned! 🙂 Thanks so much for sticking with us throughout the trip!

    1. We’re not complaining at all about our job 🙂 Unfortunately it was a one-off, but if we hear of anything again, we’ll throw in a good word for you! 🙂

  2. I love craft beers. Would loved to have been a judge!

    I’m curious… were there any Oregon beers in your line-up of beers? We were really surprised at how big the micro-brew scene is there.

  3. As a former Atlanta resident the places I always took people from out of town were Little 5 points to have a burger and beer at the Vortex (you can’t miss this restaurant as the front door is a huge skull with red spiral eyes). Plus walking around the area is interesting. It was once the home off all counter culture in the area. Another of my favorite neighborhoods in Atlanta is actually a city inside the city Decatur. If you enjoy live music catch a show at Eddie’s Attic. Eddie’s is where John Mayer was bartender, Sugarland formed, the Indigo Girls cut their teeth. It’s a listening room where the music comes first for many singer songwriters.
    I’d also suggest the Atlanta Aquarium, it has some well put together exhibits and the whale shark exhibit is fairly impressive. Right next door is the World of Coke. It is basically a history of all things Coca-Cola since it was invented.
    If you need directions or are looking for anything specific drop me and email and I’m more than willing to help out.

    1. Hi Kathy, thanks so much for these tips! The world of Coca Cola and CNN were yesterday, and we’ll be hitting up the five points area today for sure. Eddie’s Attic sound really cool, hope we have time to stop by! We’ll hopefully be able to sneak in to the Aquarium, too! That’s all we’ll have time for unfortunately, as tomorrow we head to New Orleans! Thanks again for such excellent tips!!!

  4. I can’t imagine accidentally unearthing a former resident, but still an interesting fact!

    Oh, and I could definitely go for a beer float.. it’s the same as a root beer float right? Might be a good treat for this weekend.

  5. Love Savannah and would highly recommend a trip to St, Simons Island. Lots of history, nad find the tree spirits, carved into trees around the island. NOLA is fabolus! So much to see. Haven’t been in so long.

    1. Thanks Pat! We have a long list of places to explore around Savannah and further south, and St Simons Island looks amazing. Put it on the list of must-see places for our next visit to the South 🙂

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