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Cultures in Bloom – How Mother’s Day is Celebrated Around the World with Flowers

Cultures in Bloom – How Mother’s Day is Celebrated Around the World with Flowers

Last Updated on March 20, 2024

Why do flowers universally symbolize the gratitude and love we all hold for the dear moms of the world on Mother’s Day? From the bustling flower markets of Bangkok to the serene gardens of Buenos Aires, blossoms are a global language of appreciation.

Yet, each culture infuses this tradition with its own vibrant hue. Let’s explore how different corners of the world celebrate Mother’s Day with flowers and unravel what these floral customs might teach us about expressing respect across cultures.

flower bouquet

The Scent of Siam: Thailand

Venture into the heart of Thailand on Mother’s Day and you’ll inhale the delicate fragrance of jasmine. Here, it’s known as ‘dok mali,’ a revered emblem of motherhood. 

Bangkok transforms with these white blooms, as children bestow garlands upon their mothers and the beloved Queen Mother. It’s a gesture steeped in respect.

This practice isn’t merely ornamental but deeply symbolic, inviting travelers to witness a profound cultural expression. It’s an enchanting time to visit when love perfumes the air, not just within families but throughout bustling streets and tranquil temples alike.

An Andean Tribute: Peru

rosesPeru’s Mother’s Day brims with vibrant customs, including the ‘Escaramuza,’ a heart-stirring horse-riding display. Yet, it’s in the simple act of presenting lilies and roses where affection is most tenderly expressed.

More than tradition, it’s a celebration that partakes in the country’s rich floral biodiversity. Markets teem with these blooms, as locals and visitors alike scramble for the best petals. The best part… you won’t fall short of options if you need to send flowers to your mom if they are far away.

A visit during this time also offers an authentic slice of Peruvian life, where love is as vivid as the flowers themselves.


The Ethereal Gardens of Japan

In Japan, Mother’s Day is a symphony of color with carnations taking center stage. These flowers signify the endurance and sweetness of mothers, much like the qualities of a perfect trip.

Consider arranging a journey for your mom to Japan during this season as it becomes a living canvas painted with gratitude. Walking through its ethereal gardens can become an unforgettable gift, where every petal and path tells her how much she’s cherished in delicate whispers of blooming appreciation.

The Harmony of History: Italy

Italy celebrates La Festa della Mamma with fervor and a touch of antiquity. Here, the chrysanthemum reigns—a flower linked with truth and life in ancient cultures. 

On Mother’s Day, these flowers are not just gifts; they’re historical tokens of admiration. A walk through Italy‘s cobbled streets adorned with bright chrysanthemums offers a timeless experience. It’s a day where past and present converge, as families honor their matriarchs amid age-old architecture. 

These blooms, steeped in history, become silent narrators of countless maternal legacies.