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7 of the Best Places in Miami to Visit by Yacht

7 of the Best Places in Miami to Visit by Yacht

Last Updated on October 6, 2023

Miami is the perfect place for yachting adventures, and there are all sorts of incredible locations to set a course for during a trip. Here are just a few of the most compelling options to consider visiting.

Explore the Rustic Charm of Coconut Grove

Begin your luxurious Miami yacht adventure with a visit to Coconut Grove, where serenity meets merriment.

Coconut Grove is teeming with lush vegetation and quaint cafes, creating an illusion of stepping back in time to old Miami. Its decidedly unhurried atmosphere works excellently for a day spent lounging at the waterfront parks or shopping at local boutiques.

As evening approaches, dock your yacht at the Dinner Key Marina and ease into an over-water sunset dine-out experience that is simply transcendent.

Discovering the Elegance of Star Island

Next on your itinerary, navigate towards Miami’s exclusive enclave, Star Island. Famous for its lavish mansions owned by celebrities and business moguls, this stop is a must for lovers of opulence and architecture.

Use your binoculars to ogle at some of the most exquisite facades in Miami while you drift past these luxurious estates.

For an authentic Star Island experience, anchor just offshore during the evening and enjoy the twinkling lights shimmering against the ocean backdrop. It could be the start of your wider Floridian explorations!

Biscayne Key

Enjoy Miami’s Skyline from Biscayne Bay

Biscayne Bay is a sublime destination that offers panoramic views of Miami’s mesmerizing skyline. It’s virtually impossible to resist the charm of this spectacular sight, especially at sunset when vibrant hues bathe the skyscrapers. And of course, if you take advantage of exclusive Miami yacht rentals, you’ll be surprised at how affordable it can be to live the luxury life on the open waters.

Besides its aesthetic appeal, this bustling bay also provides ample opportunities for water sports, if you fancy adding some adrenaline rush to your yachting journey! The thrill of jet skiing with arguably one of the best cityscapes in America providing your backdrop is an experience like no other.

The Serene Beauty of Key Biscayne: A Marina Paradise

Key Biscayne is a jewel that beckons yacht lovers with its serene natural beauty and exceptional marina. Boasting crystal clear waters, this destination offers an idyllic setting for leisurely afternoons spent absorbing the sunshine or indulging in snorkeling adventures among vibrant coral reefs and underwater shipwrecks.

The marine life here is exceptionally diverse, and you never know what kind of friendly sea creature might grace your presence!

As dusk looms, prepare your tackle box for some twilight fishing. There’s nothing like fresh catch cooked right on board your yacht under moonlight.yacht life

Dock in Style at Miami River

Miami River is a unique blend of the bustling urban scene and natural calm that offers an exciting detour from sea to city. Its banks echo a long history with various cultural landmarks, vibrant murals, and historic seafood markets.

Moor your yacht at one of its stylish marinas and explore eclectic neighborhoods or indulge in some famed Cuban cuisine.

Don’t miss the spectacular view as you cruise beneath the iconic Brickell Avenue Bridge. There’s something inherently glamorous about sailing through this significant artery of Miami.

Unwavering Luxury: The Iconic Fisher Island Experience

Indulge in the unsurpassed luxury of Fisher Island, an elite haven known for its affluent residents and posh amenities.

Purely accessible by boat or ferry, this island affords total privacy and seclusion to those cruising around its high-class marinas. Explore pristine beaches peppered with palm trees and enjoy delectable gourmet dining at one of the private clubs.

Also, be sure not to miss the chance to play a round of golf at their world-renowned course that offers stunning ocean views at every turn.

Immerse Yourself into the Natural Splendor of Elliot Key

Your final destination brings you to Miami’s first national park, Elliot Key. Surrounded by emerald green waters and a thriving coral reef ecosystem, this key is an ecological marvel teeming with wildlife.

You can embark on hiking trails during the day or simply unwind on untouched beaches with age-old Biscayne Lighthouse as your backdrop.

At night, why not indulge in some beachside camping for a rustic adventure? No yachting journey would be complete without spending time at this pristine tropical paradise, so it’s the perfect ending that’s symbolic of Miami’s diverse waterscapes.


Final Thoughts

Whether you rent a yacht or sail to Miami on your own vessel, all of these places will provide you with an unforgettable experience of this world-famous city that’s truly deserving of its reputation.