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Bangalore – Top 5 Places to Savour Your Taste Buds

Bangalore – Top 5 Places to Savour Your Taste Buds

Last Updated on September 10, 2018

Bangalore is a dynamic city buzzing with the energy of the predominantly young population here. With the rise in the number of people, there has been a significant increase in restaurants offering a broad range of cuisine to suit everyone’s taste and pocket. With so many options to choose from, the city should be on your dining list for sure. Easily accessible, there are many great deals for you to avail as is evident when you see the flight fare from Delhi to Bangalore. A gastronomical delight, here are five restaurants that should not be missed.indian spices


If you are looking for a bespoke dining experience featuring South Indian cuisines, look no further. This award winning restaurant is renowned for its wide array of regional dishes. Prominent in international food guides, this restaurant is a product of almost two decades of research into coastal cuisines. Simple and scrumptious, the dishes are complemented by the excellent service and relaxing ambience. Situated inside the Gateway Hotel, it serves both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian cuisines though seafood features heavily on the menu. With dishes from Goa, Konkan, Mangalore, the restaurant is an excellent way to initiate oneself into the culinary legacy of the coastal regions of South-West India.indian food hampi

Cafe Thulp

Hands down, the best burger place in Bangalore and a long standing favourite of the Bangalorean. It serves delicious burgers with a variety of patties ranging from the standard to inventive. Serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, it is particularly great for meat lovers as their take on the traditional beef and bacon burgers is noteworthy. They are freshly made and will make you come back for more. The menu also has Italian and Thai dishes and is an eccentric mix of items that will make the dining experience unique. The attentive service and the laid back ambience just add to the dining experience making it a must visit.battambang veggie burger

Monkey Bar

A place that combines good food, great drinks and a youthful vibe complete with a pool table and a dance floor. A favourite among those looking to unwind, the resto-pub serves a wide range of cuisines like American, Asian, European with some dishes from North India as well. Perfect for the younger lot, the bar also has a separate smoking room and valet parking which is bliss in Bangalore. Inventive cocktails and a rustic interior complete the Monkey Bar curry at punpun

Time Traveller

Situated within the Sai Vishram Hotel, it offers both Continental and North Indian dishes. Value for money joint, the focus is on pure vegetarian food. Their buffets are extremely famous for having a wide variety of dishes to choose from and have become a staple for many around the area. The staff is accommodating and considerate of any requests. With locally sourced ingredients, it is no surprise that their regulars do not mind the drive to the place to sample their simple but delicious preparations.costa caparica indian food

612 East

Located in the bustling neighbourhood of Indiranagar, the place serves a wide variety of cuisines including Continental, Mediterranean, European and their specialty, the steak. With an extensive menu and a relaxed vibe, it is fast becoming a favorite hangout for the city crowd. Not too heavy on the pocket, a full bar and delightful food, the place is set to become the next hangout spot.san pedro de atacama cake with ice cream

Bangalore has many options spread far and wide across the city and is a foodie’s heaven. With sites like Yatra offering great discounts, see flight fare from Delhi to Bangalore and experience the city one tasty dish at a time.