Dressing for the beach: 5 principles for looking good in the heat

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Last Updated on November 6, 2017

You’ve got the snacks, the towels and the sun cream and you’re ready to hit the beach on that summer break – but how do you ensure you always look good in the heat? It’s a fine art but here are the five principles you need to stand by at all times:montanita surfer

  1. Sun cream is a necessity

We’ve all experienced sun burn and we all know how badly it can ruin your day – and night partying. So don’t be ‘that guy’ or ‘that chick’ who decides to skip the sun cream or applies a tiny amount at the start of the day. If you’re a fan of water sports or plan on spending any time out in the water, you’ll need even more sun cream than usual. Avoid being dubbed ‘lobster’ for the rest of the holiday and keep topping up.Dani Playa carricitos

  1. Cover ups are cool

Heading to the nearest bar for drinks and lunch midday? Don’t rock up in just your swimwear. Take some easy to throw on cover up clothes that keep you looking good in the heat and don’t offend the family sitting at the next table over. A plain t-shirt and swapping the wet swim shorts for a pair of denim ones – check out the range Superdry have stocked – should do the trick. If you’re a girl, just wrap your sarong around you. Flip flops are fine and don’t forget the sunglasses.palomino dani

  1. Everything should be kept together

Don’t rely on your girlfriend to pack everything you need for a day at the beach, grab a bag and take along your own stuff. A rucksack is the best choice, choose one that’s easy to wipe down to get rid of all the sand/sun cream/ice cream that will inevitably end up on it. But a simple tote bag also does the job. Keep valuables safe with a pouch that looks like a sun lotion bottle – sneaky – and enjoy the sun.dani palomino beach

  1. Hats are a must have

Hats are hot – for both men and women! Not only are they a style staple for 2017, but they’re also ideal for keeping your face protected at the hottest points of the day. The baseball cap has seen a huge resurgence in popularity with men recently, with celebs including Kayne donning them. The trend started up in 2016 and doesn’t look to be going anywhere any time soon, look for a baseball cap featuring an embroidered logo or slogan. Women should look for a straw Panama hat or a big floppy hat. dani 2016 mexico

  1. Tiny trunks should be avoided

Longer length shorts not only protect your modesty but they look great so ensure in 2017 that you skip the Speedos. This year it’s all about boardshorts that give off surfer vibes and look good enough to wear to breakfast at the hotel in the morning with a plain t-shirt. The larger leg styles also keep delicate bits protected but can keep you cool with enough material that doesn’t restrict you. Printed styles are fine but a plain pair will get you through every situation you may find yourself in throughout the day and look good at all times.san pancho surfer

Ready to head to the beach? Adopt these five principles and ensure you look good at all times, wherever you are.




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