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5 Days in Florida: Cheapest Way to Travel the State

5 Days in Florida: Cheapest Way to Travel the State

Last Updated on January 23, 2024

Florida is one of the most beautiful and popular states to visit, thanks to its warm climate and amazing beaches. However, it can be a very expensive place to visit if you haven’t planned properly. Let’s take a look at a few ways that you save money while traveling to Florida.

How to save money while traveling to Florida

Flying to Florida

First, you’ll want to plan your trip outside of peak travel times. Unfortunately, this generally means avoiding a visit in winter. Many people visit there to escape the cold at home, so prices go up and your chances of getting cheap travel or accommodations will go down.

The day you fly out is also a major factor in price, as flights during the middle of the week are usually a few dollars less. For a five-night stay, try to fly out Thursday and return the following Tuesday, as these will allow you to avoid weekends when prices are at their highest.

It’s also important to note for everything on this list but especially with airline flights, you’ll want to book as far out as reasonably possible. A great way to book a trip is one paycheck at a time. You could book your flight down on one payday, your return flight on the following payday, and then book hotels with the third.

Finally, you can save money for the trip out of the next couple of paydays. It might also be a good idea to book the trip so that a paycheck will hit while you’re in Florida, just in case you need emergency money.

Hotels and Other Accommodations

Next, when you’re booking accommodations, try to avoid Airbnb. They were once a good alternative to hotels but with the rise of exorbitant “cleaning fees” even though you’ll get negative feedback if the host finds a single crumb anywhere, it’s significantly more expensive now. You’ll want a travel aggregator site like Expedia or Orbitz, which can also provide you with excellent package deals that include airfare and/or rental cars.hotel lobby

Transportation Needs After You’ve Arrived

Once that’s sorted, you’ll want to figure out your transportation plans after you arrive. Unless you’re visiting friends, you might be tempted to rent a car, especially if you’re traveling across the state to visit more than one of Florida’s many major attractions. Public transportation in major cities within the state is pretty reliable and will be less expensive than renting a vehicle.

Speaking of public transport and vehicles, booking a bus ticket between cities like Orlando and Miami will allow you to see even more of the state and, best of all, you won’t be able to spend money while you’re on the bus.florida gaudi museum st petersburg

Travel Packages

You’ll generally want to avoid “travel packages” unless they come from a travel aggregator site like Expedia. Many of these packages seem like a good deal, as the company will have negotiated lower rates for every part of the package.

However, the company selling the packages also has to make a profit, which is factored into the price you pay. It may seem counterintuitive but you’ll be able to save money if you take the time to book every part of the trip yourself using the lowest available rate.florida palm trees


Always keep coupons in mind when traveling. Airlines frequently have sales, Expedia and Orbitz will offer coupon codes every couple of weeks, and there are plenty of coupon books you can pick up while you’re in Florida.

Some people might be embarrassed using coupons in person but you shouldn’t. Most people in the hospitality industry expect visitors to use coupons and will often point out their existence to those who don’t have them. No one will think you’re cheap – and even if they do, who cares? You’ll never see them again.

Using coupons for food is highly recommended, too. If you can’t find any, a good piece of advice is to eat one meal a day that you make yourself. You can stop by a grocery store and get a sandwich for much cheaper than a sit-down meal.

With these tips in mind, you can spend five amazing days in Florida on a budget and have an amazing time, either by yourself or with family and beach art deco