Gozo: Much more than just Malta’s little sister

gozo view with mediterranean

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Going to Malta without visiting its little sister island Gozo would be like going to New York City without going to Brooklyn. Which is something a lot of people do, but in my opinion, they’re missing out on a big part of the overall experience. The same goes for Malta and Gozo. Of course you can visit just Malta and still love your time there, but taking the quick ferry ride over to Gozo just puts the finishing touch to your Malta experience.

Luckily Gozo is small enough to fit it in as a day trip from Malta. Remember Malta is so small that you can drive across the island from north to south in about 45 minutes, and Gozo is only 1/3 of Malta’s size! That should give you an idea of how little this island is. You can basically get off the ferry in the morning and hike across the island (14km long/7km wide) and catch a ride back on the evening ferry back to Malta.

gozo church2Despite the island’s teeny size, there’s no need to walk though (unless you want to!); there is actually a range of transportation options to choose from. My travel buddies Umei