Polaroid of the week: Rock Climber at Eldorado Canyon, Colorado

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polaroid of the week usa colorado el dorado rock climberWe arrived in Colorado last week to perfect fall weather and took advantage of the blue skies and sunny days by going on a lot of hikes and walks in the mountains. One of the best hikes this past weekend was a trail along the steep rocks of Eldorado Canyon, where we watched dozens of rock climbers conquering the enormous sheer red walls of the canyon. Can you spot the climber in the photo?

With temperatures over 80 degrees, many of the climbers were comfortably climbing in bare feet. It was hard to believe that ski season begins here next month! The snow covered peaks of the Rocky Mountains are so breathtaking, there is no question why so many ski lovers come to Aspen or Vail!

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  1. Great shot! I’m a rock climber but currently living in flat Paraguay. Paraguay has essentially one region with rock climbing, and I don’t live in it. This shot is making me jealous but very amped for potential upcoming trips.

    1. Oh wow, you’re a rock climber! That’s awesome – we really respected all the climbers we saw in Colorado, you have to be in really good shape (and brave!) to do it. I’d love to try it one day.

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