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Ultimate Travel Photography Tips

Last Updated on December 11, 2016

Remember the days when I used to be in charge of photography on Globetrottergirls, and not much beyond that? My partner was the storyteller, I was supposed to deliver some striking images to go with these stories. Since I’ve been running Globetrottergirls by myself, however, photography has had to take a back seat. I simply don’t have the time these days to go out and shoot for hours, and then edit the pictures I took. Which I find depressing, since photography is still my #1 passion. I am hopeful though that one day I’ll have time to focus on photography again. I used to take classes and workshops whenever possible to improve my photography skills – but it’s been a long time since I took a photography seminar last. dani with cameraThanks to the digital revolution of the last two decades, everyone can now become a storyteller. A mere 15 years ago, you needed a dark room, various chemicals and a lot of experience to shoot and develop passable pictures. Digital photography and easy-to-use editing software has changed all that. However, this doesn’t mean everyone will have great results by simply clicking their fingers.

Here are the ultimate travel photography tips that will help you bring your photography to the next level, to keep your gear safe on the road and to immortalize your images:brooklyn flea cameras


  • Make your camera look a little worn, so nobody will steal it. You can achieve this by sticking bits of tape over the camera body.
  • Take pictures of your business card. If someone finds your camera then they can contact you. Do this for your phone’s lock screen too.
  • Pack light.
  • Take a climbing sling. Perfect for a DIY hand strap or a tripod strap.

Remove tourists from photos

  • Use a tripod, take 10-15 shots, fire up Photoshop and then read this short guide on how easy it is to get rid of those pesky people from landmarks.
Koh Poda Thailand Beach

Beach photos are generally prettier when there are no people in them, evoking a ‘deserted island’ feeling

Find a unique angle

  • Throw a GoPro in the air for some interesting aerial shots. Be prepared to do this several times!
  • Or tape it to something interesting, like the oar of a boat for example.

Be friendly

  • Take a Polaroid picture for the people you meet and let them have it as a gift.

indian women in hampi

Back up your photos

  • Invest in a quality hard-drive.
  • Use the 3-2-1 method: Make 3 copies of your photos on 2 media types (i.e. PC & hard-drive) and keep 1 copy in a separate location.

Get up early

  • Don’t be lazy or you’ll miss the sunrise for the best light. If you find a cool frame, wait like a statue for the right moment to come.
dead sea sunrise from the mesada

Sunrise in Israel

Eternalize your images

And last but not least: preserve your images, make them last forever! Don’t let them rot on your hard drive or laptop – make sure to print your images, turn them into posters, print them on a canvas or turn the photos you love into lasting metal prints. Photo books take a bit more effort, but they are such a beautiful way to make your images immortal and actually seen by people – replace your fancy coffee table books with photo books featuring your own images!jokulsarlon glacier lagoon ice beach