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The Most Instagrammable Luxury Destinations in France

The Most Instagrammable Luxury Destinations in France

Last Updated on November 23, 2023

France is one of those countries that lure Instagrammers and influencers for its Instagram-worthy spots, from the iconic sites of Paris to the lavender fields of Provence and the sparkling coast of Côte d’Azur. But beyond the mainstream attractions, France has many hidden gems guaranteed to make your Instagram stand out. If you need ideas, check out our list of the most Instagrammable luxury destinations in France.

Saint Tropez

As one of the most beautiful regions along the French Riviera, Saint Tropez offers plenty of opportunities to take stunning shots for your Instagram account. Whether you prefer to have your photos taken by the pristine beachfront or with the towering castles in the background, you will find many places in Saint Tropez that deserve a spot on your Instagram.

Surrounded by the glistening waters of the Mediterranean, the Saint Tropez lighthouse is a popular setting for stunning photo ops in the French Riviera. The lighthouse sits on a rocky outcrop looking out to the vast ocean and is guaranteed to stand out on your Instagram. While the lighthouse is the highlight of your shot, you should also take advantage of the stellar ocean views. Come here at sunrise for a more stunning result.

The impressive Citadel of Saint-Tropez is a fantastic spot to capture if you want to highlight the city’s remarkable architecture. It dates back to the 17th century and houses a museum with nautical exhibits. The scenic roof terrace is a popular spot for photo ops, which also serves as a viewpoint overlooking the stunning city views.

France for instagrammers

Val d’Isere 

Surrounded by magnificent snowy peaks, set against a gleaming sun with daredevil skiers enjoying its slopes, Val d’Isere is arguably one of the most stunning ski resorts in France. The high-altitude village gets more snow and keeps it longer than other areas along the Alps, which makes it a favourite amongst winter sports enthusiasts. Because it’s so popular, you will find plenty of excellent places to stay, including luxury ski chalets surrounded by the most beautiful landscape views. SNO holidays offers several stunning chalets that could also act as the perfect backdrop for your Instagram images.

You won’t have to search hard enough for Instagram spots in Val d’Isere because almost every corner looks incredibly beautiful. No ski getaway is complete without having your picture taken next to the Val D’Isere signs. You will find these impressive red signs across the area, adding an aesthetically pleasing touch to your Instagram account.

When heading to Val d’Isere from Tignes, you will find many Instagram-worthy spots, including in Bellevarde Val d’Isere. Take some snaps before making your way down the epic Olympique. There are many benches and sun loungers around, perfect for taking a break for some snacks. You will also find heart-shaped frames for posing with family and friends. 


Bordeaux is a picturesque city at the heart of France’s scenic wine region. Renowned for its exquisite wines, it also boasts fascinating architecture and stunning landscapes that will surely impress your Instagram followers. 

Start your Instagram adventure in Bordeaux at the iconic Place de la Bourse. The charming square along the banks of the Garonne River boasts the famous “Miroir d’Eau,” which allows you to capture stunning reflections of the buildings, including the Place de la Bourse.

Next, make your way to Porte Cailhau, a fascinating medieval gate that was the entrance to the city during the Middle Ages. The gate is a delight for photographers seeking a unique place to capture in Bordeaux. When taking the photo, frame your shot to highlight the gate’s intricate details and the ambience of the centuries past, transporting your followers to Bordeaux’s medieval charm.

Another Instagrammable place in Bordeaux is Cathedrale Saint-Andre, a splendid cathedral at the heart of the city center. While the stunning facade is enough to delight your Instagram followers, try to get inside to capture the cathedral’s remarkable


Paris certainly has the greatest number of Instagrammable spots in France. Almost every corner of the city deserves a spot on your Instagram, not to mention the stunning architecture and the cosy cafes and patisseries. Make your trip to the City of Lights even more spectacular by staying in one of the numerous luxurious hotels for a memorable stay, ideal for those wishing to capture images of the city’s most recognisable monuments.

Given its magnificent architecture, the Domaine National du Palais-Royal is a popular Instagram spot in Paris. It was a former royal palace built in 1639 for Cardinal Richelieu and now serves as the Ministry of Council. The building’s magnificent facade offers the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot.

Paris is home to some of the world’s most stunning hotels, with the Hôtel de Ville being one of them. The hotel’s splendid facade offers a perfect backdrop for a sun-kissed golden hour snap. It’s a classic spot located in the heart of the gorgeous neighbourhood of Le Marais. Wander around the neighbourhood, and you’ll find many other Instagram-worthy spots, including hidden gems unknown to other Instagrammers.

Of course, no visit to Paris is complete without a photo of the Eiffel Tower. While you can take snaps of this iconic landmark in various areas around Paris, the Place Du Trocadero is the most famous location to capture that perfect snap. The lovely square is located across the Seine River and is undoubtedly one of the city’s most scenic france


Nice is a charming city with a rich history that dates back over a thousand years. As the hub of the culture and history of France, it has tons of opportunities for photos to ignite your Instagram account. From ancient monasteries and cathedrals to hilltop parks with scenic paths, Nice is a haven for Instagrammers. 

Comprising a twisting maze of cobblestone alleys lined with colourful buildings, Le Vieux is a quaint district of Nice, offering the perfect place to capture striking Instagram photos. Aside from the lovely buildings, you’ll find many interesting sights to capture in this district, including the bustling flower market at Cours Saleya, the neighbourhood’s main street.

Le Port de Nice is a trendy area surrounded by sparkling Mediterranean waters, situated about 15 min from the city center. It’s a peaceful place to escape Nice’s busy downtown. The scenic place also offers numerous spots to grace your Instagram feed, such as the colorful buildings surrounding the docks and the beautiful yachts of different shapes and sizes.