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The Best Coffee Shops in Dahab, Egypt

The Best Coffee Shops in Dahab, Egypt

Last Updated on May 17, 2022

No matter if you’re looking for a good coffee shop because you are, like me, a coffee snob, and you’re looking for an upgrade to the ubiquitous Nescafé offered at most restaurants in Egypt, or if you’re looking for a good place to work from for a couple of hours – this guide’s got you covered.

I went to Dahab specifically to work remotely and to chill out for a while after a rushed tour of Egypt, and I was delighted to find quite a few cafes that are great for digital nomads and anyone working online. Below you’ll find my favorite coffee shops in Dahab: cafes with excellent coffee, good food, and fast WiFi.

While I found working online in Dahab generally easy, a word of warning though: there were several power outages while I was in Dahab, which meant WiFi was out.. sometimes for a couple of hours and longer. This isn’t ideal for anyone relying on speedy internet for zoom calls / meetings or anything like that. My Orange SIM card was not that great. (According to Tom, Vodafone has the best internet coverage in Egypt.)

The best coffee shops in Dahab, Egypt

Flat White

This Coffee Shop is located right on the waterfront in the heart of Dahab. There are two parts to the cafe: one on the water, and the other one inside a small building. They’re divided by the main promenade. The inside part of the cafe has great WiFi, and from what I could tell, it also reaches the part of the cafe that’s right on the water (at least the sofas closest to the main building).

I ordered a Flat White to see if the name of the cafe was aptly chosen, and it didn’t disappoint. They have all the classic espresso drinks, served hot or cold, as well as milkshakes, cakes, hot and cold sandwiches, salads and breakfasts.

As far as I could see, there was only one power outlet (below the small table facing the window), but no plugs in the outside seating area (where the WiFi didn’t reach anyway).

Where: On the main promenade, just south of the pedestrian bridge

Opening Times: 7am till midnight

coffee shops in Dahab

Ralph’s German Bakery

The German in me was delighted to see that there was a German bakery in Dahab – with TWO branches even! Not only do they have a wide selection of German breads, rolls and pastries, but also scrumptious German breakfast plates, omelettes and salads. There are also hot and cold sandwiches on the menu.

The location on the main street (Peace Road) is on the northern end of Dahab, a bit of a walk from the center, but it is larger than the branch in the center of town. The northern branch is better equipped for a remote work session: most tables have power outlets and the wifi worked excellent. In the branch in the town center (on El Fanar Street), there are only three tables inside the bakery – the majority of tables is outside and there are no power outlets, but it’s still great if you just want to enjoy a nice meal and good coffee.

Where: Off of Peace Road, near the Asalah Square Roundabout

Opening Times: Open from 7am till 8pm.dahab ralphs german bakery

Schönemanns Cafe

This cafe right on the Red Sea opened while I was in Dahab in February 2022, and became one of my favorites immediately. Originally from Hamburg, owner Julia built a beautiful a sun-filled little cafe (there are about ten tables) with large windows and superb ocean views. Schönemanns offers healthy breakfasts, salads, bowls, quiches, tortilla wraps and several homemade cakes. There are also quite a few vegan options. Ingredients are locally sourced from the Habiba Organic Farm.

There’s a delightful Instagram aesthetic to both the cafe itself and to the presentation of the dishes – a stark contrast to most of the more hippie-ish cafes in Dahab. Being served tap water is just so nice – and something I’ve only experienced it at Schönemanns (and not just water – it comes with with with orange, cucumber and lemon!). The food was also tasty, but I expected no less than the renowned “German quality”.

WiFi was working on and off while I was there, but that’s Dahab (other than at Ralph’s, I’ve found the WiFi to be unreliable everywhere).

Where? On the promenade right next to the Marine Garden Camp and Schönemanns Cafe.

Opening times: 8am – 5pm

Schoenemanns Cafe Dahab

Coffee Wheel

This cafe is on the beach, right across from Sindbad Camp. Part of the cafe is inside a small shack (with large panoramic windows) and part of it is outside right on the pebble beach. The Brugnetti espresso maker sits on a little cart with wheels, which makes me think that this place started out as a coffee cart. Coffee Wheel serves nothing but espresso drinks and teas (no food), and there’s no WiFi.

Even though there’s no WiFi, this is a great place to just enjoy a cup of coffee in, to take in the sound of the clashing waves, or to simply stare out at the ocean while enjoying a Flat White. There are two large tables inside surrounded by spacious sofas (which have power outlets on the sides). The coffee is very good here.

Where? On the promenade right across from the Marine Garden Camp & Schönemanns.

Opening times: 9am – 9pmdahab coffee wheel3

Bayside Eatery

As the name suggests, Bayside Eatery is right on the bay, but they don’t have tables directly on the water. The restaurant is located right on the main promenade, open daily from 8am – 5pm, mainly offering breakfast dishes. You can get all your usual espresso drinks, tea, fresh fruit juices, milkshakes and smoothies.

Food ranges from fruit bowls and Greek yogurt with granola to croissants, sandwiches, salads and soups. If you’re ravenous, go for the breakfast platter. They also have various milk alternatives.

Power outlets can be found near most of the tables inside the restaurant.

Where? On the promenade right across from the Fresh Fish restaurant.

Opening times: 9am – 9pm

Dahab cafes

Le Coin

Le Coin has plenty of tables inside, plus a small outdoor patio, but if you plan on working with your laptop, you’ll probably want to grab a table inside. There are lots of power outlets, and the WiFi was among the best I found in Dahab.

They have an espresso machine and all the classic espresso drinks ranging from Machiato to Flat White, but also some unusual coffee drinks like Nutella coffee and Coffee Lotus. There are also smoothies, Frappuccinos, milkshakes and soft drinks on the menu. As for food, they have sandwiches, salads, a variety of breakfasts, chicken dishes for lunch, and various cakes for dessert.

Where? On Blue Beach Road, in front of the Coral Coast Hotel

Opening times: 7am – 10pmdahab le coin1

Treats Cafe

Treats is a small cafe on the northern end of Dahab, right on the main road. It’s a small cafe with only a handful of tables, but they have strong coffee and strong WiFi! A couple of tables are also located near power outlets, should you need one.

They also have cookies and cakes (for example cheese cake, chocolate cake, carrot cake, honey cake) as well as a vegan soup.

Where? On Peace Road, about four mins north of the Asala Square roundabout

Opening times: 9am – 11pmDahab coffeeshops

Shanti Cafe

Shanti Cafe is also located on the northern end of Dahab, just a few minutes from Treats. I love the vibe of the cafe, which is filled with plants and has some fantastic wall art. Unfortunately, the WiFi isn’t very fast, but it was sufficient for me to do some research online.

Shanti Cafe has all the usual espresso drinks (with milk alternatives offered), tea, fresh juices (including some veggie juices like their ginger, lemon, basil & cucumber juice) and a variety of food: breakfast dishes, pasta, rice dishes, salads, sandwiches, bruschetta and soup.

The only downside for me was that the front part of the cafe is a smoking section; however, the back room is spacious and smoke-free.

Where: Just off of Peace Road, around the corner from the Sina Market supermarket

Opening Times: They’re open from 8.30am to 8.30pm.

Shanti Cafe Dahab

Coffee Corner

Coffee Corner is on the corner of Peace Road and El Fanar Street, two doors down from Xat Delights. The owner and his staff are among the most friendly people I’ve met in Dahab, and they take pride in offering some of the best coffee in Dahab.

Most of the tables at Coffee Corner are outside, and there are only a few power outlets, but the WiFi works well. In addition to coffee specialties (hot or iced) and cake, they have breakfast, pizza, salads and grilled chicken on the menu. They also have two lasagnas: Bolognese and vegetarian, all reasonably priced.

Where: On the corner of Peace Road and El Fanar Road

Opening Times: Open from 8am till midnight.

dahab coffee corner

XAT Delights

XAT Delights is right next door to Coffee Corner, a lovely breakfast / daytime cafe with mostly outdoor seating. That means it can be pretty hot during the warmer months (even though there are a couple of fans). They have WiFi, and ample seating. Their breakfast platters are fantastic, but the cakes and pastries are also tasty, and you find all the usual coffee drinks on the menu at XAT Delights.

Where: On the corner of Peace Road and El Fanar Road

Opening times: 7am till 7pm

Dahab cafes

Brooklyn Café

This tiny cafe on the main street in Dahab is not ideal if you want to work from your laptop, since there are only a few tables and they’re small, but if you just want to enjoy a cup of coffee (large Americano EGO25) or a cappuccino (EGP30 medium / EGP35 large), it’s perfect. The main draw of the cafes further away from the beach? They’re cheaper. And Brooklyn Cafe is no exception. In addition to espresso drinks, they have fruits juices and smoothies, lassies and Frappuccinos, milkshakes and soda. If you feel adventurous, try their Nutella coffee (EGP21 small / EGP26 large). They don’t have any food other than some chocolate bars. WiFi works great.

Where: Tawfik El Hakim Street

Opening times: 8am till midnightBrooklyn Coffeeshop

Other cafes in Dahab

Villa 42

I wanted to try Villa 42 for their food – mainly Russian dishes, including potato draniki and sirniki – but every time I walked over there, the WiFi wasn’t working. The food looks delicious though and I think that it is a great place for breakfast or lunch (they have a lot of meat-heavy bowls, but also vegetarian dishes) if you don’t need WiFi.coffeeshops with wifi Dahab

Mojo Cowork

dahab coworkingI was delighted when I found out that there was a coworking cafe in Dahab, however, when I checked it out, I didn’t find the dedicated coworking area upstairs very appealing, so I decided to work in one of my preferred coffee shops instead. It may be a good option though if you need a quiet space to work in, or work later at night (they’re open until 10pm). The WiFi is apparently the speediest in Dahab, and also the most reliable.

There is a full menu including breakfasts, wraps, sandwiches, juices, and of course coffee.