Polaroid of the week: The long way down to Vernazza | Cinque Terre, Italy

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Last Updated on July 31, 2011



polaroid of the week italy cinque terre vernazza

Vernazza is one of the five famous villages of Cinque Terre in Italy. Laundry lines the narrow lanes of this fishing village, which show no immediate signs of  21st century life.

The five villages are all located in a rugged, mountainous area of the Italian Riviera and some of them, like Vernazza, are only reachable by train, boat or on foot – not by car. The best way to visit Cinque Terre is by hiking the path that connects all five villages. The path leads up and down through vineyards and olive orchards along the steep cliffs into which the villages have been built. Although the hike can be rigorous in parts, those who opt to hike rather than take the train from town to town, are rewarded with incomparable, stunning views of each town below.

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  1. I made the same hike once! Actually I live just about one hour away. Vernazza was “my favourite land out of the 5 lands” and I remember I was so exhausted after the hike that I just jumped into the water as soon as I arrived to the harbor, with my clothes on and all (it was summer and hot so I was dry again very quickly!).
    Beautiful pic of a beautiful place. 🙂

    1. Glad you thought the hike was hard too! It caught us off guard because there were people much less in shape than us also doing this hike, but we were definitely up for a swim afterwards (although I think we filled our bellies with a slice of pizza instead 🙂 ) You are very lucky to live so close to Vernazza, we loved this area of Italy so much!

    1. Picture perfect, isn’t it? Mornings and evenings are best for spending time in the villages, though, as there were a ton of tourists, even in early May before the main holiday season!

  2. This is beautiful – love the polaroid effect. There is something so nostalgic about it and you picked a great subject for it.

    1. Hey Erica – that’s why we love using the Polaroid so much, it frames our memories with just that nostalgic softness we like to remember our best memories – which is one of the reasons for our Polaroid of the Week series…

    1. Hi Jasmine – thanks! If you do the full hike between all five villages, this is a major 5hr hike that will easily fill up a full day when including spending time in each village. This hike between Monterosso and Vernazza is a heavy 90 minute hike, but people of all fitness levels manage it.

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