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After almost seven weeks in Ontario, we finally made the trip to Niagara Falls, and following the advice of nearly everyone we met, we chose to view the falls from the Canadian side rather than crossing the border and viewing them from the American side. This was the right choice – the views from the Canadian side are incredible! From here you watch the water flood over the side of the Bridal Veil falls on the American side  and the Horseshoe Falls, as the Canadian Falls are called, which are 167ft high and shaped, as you might guess, in the form of a horseshoe (pictured here). The power of the water, the rush of the falls can be felt on a Maid of the Mist boat tour that will take you right up to the falls themselves. As we approached the Falls, the thunderous pounding sound takes over your hearing, the spray splashes at first, until it pours down from all sides into the boat. There you stand, floating just a few feet from the over 600,000 gallons of water that crash down the Horseshoe Falls every single second.

We darted from one side of the boat to the other, soaking wet, giggling, taking pictures, and enjoying a truly awe-inspiring  experience at Niagara Falls!

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    1. Thanks Annette! These waterfalls are very impressive 🙂 We had a fabulous day at the Falls and in the Niagara wine country. A detailed post will come soon.

  1. 🙂 I’ve heard from people who’ve been to both that the Canadian side is the winner. Pretty photo, I imagine it would be hard to take pictures with all the spray!

    1. It was hard to take pictures at times – depending on which side the wind came from. At night it was almost impossible because the mist was so strong & on the boat, when we got close to the Falls, it was a challenge not to ruin my camera 😉 The viewing platforms on the American side are not very good at all – I’d recommend the Canadian side to everyone.

  2. The falls are on the list. Gotta get there! We were supposed to go this summer, but elected for falls closer to home. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Claire, you won’t regret it! I thought we had seen some spectacular waterfalls in Mexico and Central America but nothing came anywhere near to the Niagara Falls!!

  3. The Niagara region is so beautiful. I sometimes wonder what can be done to better promote its beauties which I think are often underestimated with regard to the other provinces. There is nothing better for me than the early morning walks in the wonderful green spaces of this part of Canada.

    1. Thanks Amy, we were surprised to find out how much more there is to the Niagara region other than just the Falls. Definitely a place worth spending a few days in.

    1. Thanks, Sam! The next big Falls we’ll visit are the Iguazu Falls in South America – looking forward to comparing them to the Niagara Falls!

    1. Thanks Ted! We have to admit that we weren’t that impressed in the beginning, when we saw the Falls from the top, but once we got on the boat we were stunned! You can only get a real feeling for how mighty they are from the bottom of the Falls, I’d recommend the boat tour to anyone.

  4. Did you guys visit St. Catharine’s? That’s where I (kind of) grew up. 🙂

    Oh and you should be going to Angel Falls next! That’d be the second place I grew up in (not the jungle, though. :D)

    1. We didn’t make it to St Catherine’s this time – there are just too many places 🙂 The Angel Falls are definitely on our list, they look amazing!

    1. Jade – The Falls had been on both our ‘Must See’ lists for around 10 years before we made it happen 🙂 It was a long drive quite out of the way actually, but well worth it! (Just ignore the disneyland-like Niagara Falls village when you go..)

  5. I sometimes wonder what can be done to better promote its beauties which I think are often underestimated with regard to the other provinces. Absolutely true, Jim! As a native of Niagara Falls Ontario (Canada) I have to say thank you for liking our local wonder. Claire, you won’t regret it!

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