Polaroid of the week: Buffalo in Bloom


Last Updated on October 28, 2021

polaroid of the week new york buffaloI just returned to New York City from Buffalo, where I spent nearly a week. A welcome escape from the Big Apple, where life has felt pretty rushed lately. (That might be because I am trying to fit in as much as possible before I leave next month.)

Buffalo was a complete surprise – I had no idea the city was filled with groundbreaking architecture, world class art, historic sites, quirky neighborhoods and good food! I’ll tell you all about my visit shortly but as a quick teaser: I saw five (!) Frank Lloyd Wright houses – plus one mausoleum designed by him -, paintings by the who’s who in the art world (think Picasso, Miro, Matisse, Warhol, Monet, Van Gogh …), cycled 30 kilometers through the town’s different neighborhoods, visited Niagara Falls, toured the beautiful Forest Lawn cemetery and saw the fascinating abandoned grain elevators on a river cruise, marveled at Art Deco buildings and Victorian houses, sampled local micro-brews and in lieu of famous Buffalo chicken wings I tried Buffalo eggplant wings, which – trust me – are just as delicious.

I also happened to be in town for the annual Garden Walk Festival, during which 380 locals open up their gardens to the public. You can just wander around town with a map and go on a self-guided garden tour, pop into the houses that participate in the festival, and admire their fabulous and well-designed gardens, which range from artistic and exotic to more traditional Japanese and rose gardens. I loved seeing the garden owners proudly show off their gardens, offer lemonade and talk with visitors about flowers and gardening. I am a huge flower lover, so the sight of all these gardens made my heart smile.

How did you spend your week? 

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  1. Love those self-guided tours – before moving to the Arctic, I lived in Austin, TX and every summer there was a pond tour – 50 private residences would open their gardens to the public for a weekend. Despite the oppressive triple digit heat, they always had a good turn-out. Sounds like the Garden Walk Festival would be great fun.

    1. Oh, the pond tour sounds just as awesome as the Garden Walk! Maybe I’ll make it to Austin in time for that 🙂 I loved how welcoming all the owners in Buffalo were!!

    1. Ha, that’s what the locals I met kept telling me… ‘Believe me it’s not just SNOW and MISERY… Buffalo’s awesome!’ They definitely do have a lot going on up there during the summer months and I loved my time in Buffalo! Not sure how I’d feel about spending the winter there though 😉

  2. SO excited to see your upcoming post about Buffalo. We just moved here from NYC and have been loving the people, the pace, the appreciation. We’re happy to be here (and documenting it) at a time when people will be discovering more and more what Buffalo have to offer. <3 #BuffaLove

    1. There are quite a few articles in the works right now, and I can’t wait to share my photos!! 🙂 It really is a great city and I was constantly surprised. So glad I had so much time to explore the city – and to just take in life in Buffalo.

  3. I’m from Buffalo and it’s an amazing place to live! The Buffalo Garden Walk is actually the largest of its kind in the USA! Next time you’re in town (and there MUST be a next time!), check out Larkin Square at Canalside, The Allentown Art Festival, and The Taste of Buffalo. Also, The Broadway Market! I <3 my city!!!

    1. Christine – so happy to hear that you love your hometown! I have to say that most locals I met in Buffalo were raving about their town!! Lots of hometown pride. I have a feeling I will be back 🙂 Made it to Larkin Square twice, btw – once to eat at the Filling Station and then again for Food Truck Tuesday which I loved!!

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