Polaroid of the week: A castle in the Alps


Last Updated on April 22, 2021

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It was just an average day in Europe. There we were, ‘speeding’ along the Autobahn in our rented Smart car during the hour and a half journey from Innsbruck, Austria back to our housesit in the Bavarian mountains. Suddenly, blink and you’ll miss it, out of nowhere, this castle appeared. We snapped it before it disappeared from view.

Not quite as high as a castle in the sky, you could call this our idyllic castle in the Alps. Or, our drive-by shooting for the day. Polaroid shooting, of course!

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    1. Hey Kim, thanks! Totally beautiful right. Not in ruins like we’ve been seeing in Central America, but actually perfectly maintained!!

  1. Great shot, hard to believe it was a drive by shot. That’s one of the things I love about driving in Europe, you just never know when a castle might appear out of the middle of nowhere.

    1. Hey Laurel! Not only is it a drive-by shot, but I actually took it (not Dani, our resident awesome photographer!). So true about castles appearing from nowhere – love it!

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