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polaroid denmark copenhagenOther people might have considered it hugely inconvenient to travel to another country to catch a flight, but when I found a flight deal leaving from Copenhagen that was $200 cheaper than all the other flights from Europe to LA, my first thought was ‘Perfect! Now I’ve finally got an excuse to visit Copenhagen.’ And when I saw that it was only €20 to get there from Berlin, the decision was made: I’d spend a day in Copenhagen en route to the U.S. (I love how cheap it has become to travel around Europe with budget airlines, buses and trains competing for customers).

I didn’t have much on my ‘must see’ list, except for the obligatory photo stop by the Little Mermaid, the brightly painted Nordic houses along the canals and Christiana, the famous autonomous district of the city that is known for its alternative inhabitants and subculture (since it is not allowed for visitors to take photos inside Christiana, I recommend this picture-heavy Buzzfeed article to find out what Christiania is all about).

And so I just wandered the city, turned into streets that seemed interesting, stopped for coffee in trendy looking coffee shops, sat by the water and observed life in the Danish capital. One thing I loved was the fact that there seemed to be more bikes than cars – just like in Stockholm, people love to cycle. Spring had just sprung, and while it was still chilly, people were soaking up the sun rays in outdoor cafes (another similarity to Stockholm: the many coffee shops). I couldn’t have chosen a better city to explore for a day – Copenhagen, I have a feeling this wasn’t the last time we’ve met.

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  1. I love the colours on your photo. Scndinavia was never really high on my list.

    I did something similiar when I visited Bruxelles.

    Just wandered around the city alone for one day.

    Actually I recommend this 🙂

    Kind of a zen travel experience.


  2. Like the color scheme. I was supposed to go a few years ago but continued to get snow cancellations leaving Chicago. Hopefully I get to make it happen in 2016.

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