Polaroid of the week: Costa Ricas colorful currency

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Last Updated on November 6, 2012

polaroid Costa Rica new bank notesSince our last visit to Costa Rica in February 2011, the country has redesigned its banknotes and we love these new ones so much we hardly want to spend them at all! (In case you’re wondering, the 15,000 colones in the picture are currently worth roughly US $30.)

Known for its range of wildlife, the new Costa Rican Colones feature popular animals like sloths, monkeys, birds, sharks, butterflies, deer, sea turtles, scorpions and starfish along with some of Costa Rica’s diverse nature: a Guanacaste Tree, a Cloud Forest, a coral reef and mangroves. Definitely some of the most creative bills that we have seen around the world.

What other countries have you traveled to with beautiful currency? Do you save smaller bills when they are so pretty?

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    1. Annette – I would love to keep some but they are just worth too much 😉 The money is gorgeous though, they also use some kind of plastic in their banknotes that makes them feel really smooth in your hands 🙂

    1. It definitely makes it more interesting for visitors because we barely know any of Costa Rica’s important historical figures but we sure know the country’s wildlife 🙂

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