Polaroid of the week: Chinatown at dusk | Penang, Malaysia


Last Updated on March 9, 2021 by Dani


polaroid of the week malaysia georgetown penang chinatown at nightOnly planned as a short stop on our tour of Malaysia, Penang’s unique vibe quickly unraveled itself, exposing just the type of multi-layered urban personality we easily connect with. One of the most unexpected surprises is the way the cultural neighborhoods like Chinatown and Little India are so intricately connected. Turn one corner, and you are blasted with deafening sounds of Hindi music and the smells of cumin, coriander and coconut. Just around the next corner, musky puffs of incense smoke billow from giant joss sticks in front of a Chinese temple.

On a quiet evening stroll, we cut through the peaceful backstreets of Chinatown, under delicate Chinese lanterns strung across everything from major roads to narrow alleys. We couldn’t help but enjoy the distinctly cool evening breeze and peaceful solitude here, so different to its buzzing atmosphere during the day.

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  1. We always visit China Town and India Town wherever we go. India Town in Toronto was pretty amazing. Not only are they atmospheric, but food is yummy and cheap (great for the budget traveller), and lots of fresh fruit and veg. I haven’t been to Penang, but your photo is very appealing.

    1. Hi Jan – that’s exactly why we love Little India everywhere too. Not only is the food cheap, but you get so many vegetables, too! If you do get the chance to go to Penang, definitely do it – it’s a cheap flight ($40) from KL, the capital, so it’s doable even for just a few days. Where we stayed is called George Town – that’s where Little India and Chinatown are located. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Travelling to Penang today, really excited and glad to learn its one of your top travel destinations. Hope we feel the same, but judging from your travel photographs and blog, I think we’ll be impressed.

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