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How To Maintain Fitness While Traveling: Women’s Edition

How To Maintain Fitness While Traveling: Women’s Edition

Last Updated on July 1, 2024

If you’re a woman who is constantly on the road, finding the time and resources to workout and stay fit is certainly going to be tricky, but certainly doable. 

Whether you’re jet-setting for business or fun, keeping up with your fitness routine needn’t take a backseat, especially with the savvy tips and tricks that we’ve tailored for millions of women across the globe just like you.

1 Pack Smart & Stay Prepared

The first step to staying fit while traveling is packing smart. You can get started by ditching the ‘just in case’ mindset of packing stuff you don’t use, so that there is sufficient space for a couple of workout essentials.

While it’s not feasible to carry a dumbbell or barbell when traveling, a jump rope, along with resistance bands, and a small dumbbell is workable. They can easily fit into one of the many nooks and corners of a suitcase and don’t add much in terms of extra weight.

Apart from this, always bring your workout clothes and a good pair of sneakers. This way, you don’t have any excuse to blow off a workout no matter where you’re located, and let’s be real, shopping for a new pair of sneakers, or workout clothes in a new city is hardly the best use of your time or budget

2 Leverage Hotel Amenities

These days, many hotels cater to the fitness aficionado. When booking your stay, look out for hotels with a gym. Some even offer special gym trainers for women, who can offer you a diverse perspective on your workouts and routines. 

A quick session on the treadmill or a few weights can work wonders for your energy levels and mood. If a gym isn’t available, check for other amenities like a pool or yoga mats. Swimming a few laps or doing a quick yoga session can not only boost your fitness but also your mood and energy for the day.

And hey, if the hotel gym looks like something from the last century, don’t sweat it. Stairwells are great for a quick cardio session. Just be sure to keep safe and let someone know where you’ll be.

3 Explore Actively

One of the best parts of traveling is exploring new places, and you can totally turn that into a fitness opportunity. Skip the bus tours and get your steps in. Walk around the city, rent a bike, or even join a walking tour. 

These are all fantastic ways to see the sights while burning calories. Plus, walking gives you the flexibility to stop at local cafes or shops, making the experience enriching and personal.

If you’re near nature, take advantage. Hiking or even light trekking can be incredibly rewarding. Not only do you get a great workout, but you also get to experience some breathtaking views that you just can’t enjoy from a car hiking holiday destinations in the USA

4 Maintain A Routine

Sticking to a routine can be the hardest part of staying fit while traveling. The key is flexibility, you might not be able to do your normal hour-long workout, but even twenty minutes can keep you on track. Try to set aside time for exercise, perhaps in the morning before your day starts or in the evening to wind down.

And it’s not all about exercise. Staying hydrated, eating well, and getting enough sleep are just as crucial for maintaining your fitness. 

Try to find the right balance between indulging in local cuisine and keeping your diet relatively clean. Markets are a great place to find fresh, local produce that can be healthier (and cheaper) than eating out for every meal.


Keeping fit while traveling isn’t just about physical health, it’s about keeping energized, staying sharp, and making the most of your travels. With a bit of planning and some creativity, you can totally maintain your fitness routine and have an amazing travel experience. 

So, pack those sneakers and let the adventure begin!