How to apply for an Indian visa in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Last Updated on July 24, 2020 by Dani

For awhile now we’ve known we wanted to go to India, so when we found a great bargain on cheap flights to India, we couldn’t resist. Unfortunately we booked flights without realizing we could not apply for an Indian visa where we were in Malaysia, as only residents of Malaysian are permitted to apply. Luckily, we were headed back to Thailand, where non-Thai nationals can apply for the Indian Visa. The best part, we then discovered, was that we could apply in Chiang Mai, without having to take an extra trip to Bangkok to do it. Read on for details on how to apply for an Indian Visa in Chiang Mai.

How to apply for an Indian Visa in Chiang Mai

How to get to the Indian Embassy in Chiang Mai

The Indian High Commission in Chiang Mai is set in what looks like a private home, in a small soi (side street) house near Chiang Mai’s railway station. Unfortunately, Google Maps still displays the consulate’s previous address.

indian consulate chiang mai thailand

The new address of the Indian High Commission in Chiang Mai:

33/1, Thung Hotel Road
Wat Kate, Muang,
Chiang Mai 50000
Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 9am to 12pm. The consulate is closed on Thai and Indian holidays, so check the respective holidays before you go.

How to get to the Indian High Commission in Chiang Mai:

You can take a Songthaw or TukTuk from anywhere in Chiang Mai. If the driver does not know exactly where the consulate is, he might know Thung Hotel Road at least, and you can look out for the white sign with plain black letters. If not, ask him to bring you to the railway station – it should only be a fifteen-minute walk from there. Alternatively, you can rent a bicycle and cycle from the Old City in 25 minutes, or walk in about an hour.

indian visa - chiang mai map to indian embassyClick on the picture to enlarge the map

Which documents do I need to apply for an Indian visa?

***Update April 2012***

It is not possible any longer to just show up at the Indian Consulate and apply for a visa there – you have to apply online first, using the official application form on the Indian Visa website. Make sure to print out your application and bring it with you to the Consulate.

You will need to present the following documents:

1. The obvious
• Your passport (valid for at least 6 more months).
• Two passport photos.
• A copy of your passport.

2. The not-so-obvious
• A copy of your Thai visa, or if you have a simple 30-day tourist visa stamp from the airport or 15-day visa stamp from a land border crossing, you will also need to have a copy of this stamp as well as your departure card.

indian visa thai visa stamp• Two references in India. These can just be two hotels you’re planning to stay at while you’re in India, but make sure to write down the addresses and telephone numbers before you head to the consulate as there is no way to look anything up while there.
• Your current address in Chiang Mai. This can be a guesthouse or hotel, the name and address of the guesthouse are sufficient.
• Your planned arrival date in India. The visa is valid from the time of issue; that means you will have a 3-month visa valid from the day you collect it in Chiang Mai.
• Thai Baht to pay the visa processing fee.

indian visa copy departure cardYou need a copy of your Thai departure card.

Bangkok vs Chiang Mai – where should I get my India Visa?

If you plan to stay in India longer than three months, or would like to apply for a ten-year tourist visa, then you will need to apply for the Indian Visa in Bangkok. In this case, fill in the application form here first. However, if you only need three months, like us, going through the process in Chiang Mai is just so much easier. The Indian consulate in Chiang Mai is much smaller, more laid-back and as stress-free as a visa application process can be.

How much does an Indian visa cost?

You will pay two different fees: a fee to process your application, which you pay on the day you drop your passport off, and the fee for the visa itself, which you pay on the day you pick the passport up – and only if you actually get the visa.

Indian Visa Application processing fees: 400 Baht ($13), or 1400 Baht ($45) for Americans. Thai nationals can apply for free.

Indian Visa fees:
1770 Baht ($58) for all nationalities.

***Update September 2012***

Apparently the entire fees for the application AND the visa 2170 Baht (3140 Baht for U.S. citizens) are now to be paid upfront, so make sure to bring enough cash with you when you apply for your visa. The Consulate does not accept credit cards. If you forget, the nearest ATM is a 15 minute walk away.

apply for an Indian visa in Chiang Mai

How long does the application process take & is the visa application process for an Indian Visa in Thailand complicated?

Not really. Although you would think that applying for a visa for one country in another country when you are not from either country might be complicated, the fact is that the process itself is both straight-forward and common. The Chiang Mai Indian Consulate is not usually busy. Just take off your shoes and walk inside. The consulate employee will check that you have the necessary documents and then hand you two forms and a pen. Fill out both forms, hand them back to the employee with your passport and then pay the application fee.

At the time the employee will give you a receipt and tell you when you can pick up your passport – usually seven days from the date of drop off. On that date, bring your receipt and return to the consulate. Show your application receipt, and then, you may need to wait a bit before your name is called. You will get your passport back and, if awarded the India Visa, just pay the fee. That’s it.

apply for an Indian visa in Chiang MaiAgain, you will have three months from the date of visa issue, not the date you enter the country. So if you pick up your visa on the 15th of September, your Indian visa will be valid until 15th December of that year.

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  1. Hi Girls!

    Thanks for the advice, very useful information!

    My wife and I went to the consulate today, and they sent us away straight away. As of 18 Apr 2012, you need to apply online at at least 1 day prior to your arrival at the Consulate. They say you need to print out your online application and bring it with you too.


  2. This is an excellent post thanks for the advice. They did not seem to bothered about the 1 day prior booking when I went there are no guards to check it either only the reception lady who was helpful. For a non us citizen it was 2170 Baht total. May need proof of inward and outward flight at pickup time , they will tell you. Note it is a 7 day wait not 5 working days like Bangkok so submit Monday recieve following Monday.

    1. Thanks so much for the update, Anthony! 2,170 Baht is what I paid as a German national as well – Jess paid 1,000 Baht more as an American (rip-off!!)

    1. Thanks for sharing this – that’s great news 🙂 Would’ve saved us the long trip to the ATM when we were there 😉

  3. Thanks for this great info!

    I’m about to do the same thing, but I’m wondering…after your trip to India, did you think that 3 months was enough for one trip or did you wish you’d gone for the 6 month visa in BKK? I figure I can always go back again, but you know how that goes….

    1. Hi Sequin, 3 months were definitely NOT enough. It was just enough to get a little teaser of this huge country and I would highly recommend getting a 6-month visa. Even if you only end up staying 4, it just saves you the hassle of finding an embassy for your visa extension.

  4. Hi! I would like to get a visa for India for 6 months. But I’m now in Chiang Mai, it is impossible to get a visa for six months by the embassy here? And it really is possible for a visa for 6 months?
    I also have another question: is it feasible and possible to extend the visa within India?
    If someone can help me, thank you very much!

    1. Hi Vanessa, it is impossible to get a visa for six months here, yes. You have to go to Bangkok for that. I think it is easy to extend your visa in India once you’re there as long as you’re in a big city and your native country has an embassy there.

      1. Unless things have changed recently, it’s virtually impossible to extend a tourist visa once in India. Some extreme medical condition is the only way to do that.

  5. Hi ladies,

    Thanks so much for this post, it was super helpful to us! We did want to let other readers know that we were required to pay in full, upfront. We wish we had known, we don’t carry our debit card on us and were a little short on cash so we had to make a 2nd trip. Not sure if it makes a difference if we’ve never been to India before.

    Also, even though our visas say non-extendable we can still extend at the US Embassy?

    Thanks again! We’re looking forward to our time in India!
    Nate and Jessie

    1. Thanks so much for updating us! That’s interesting that they ask you to pay the full amount upfront now – I will have to update the post again, I think 🙂 About the extension – normally it shouldn’t be a problem, but since it says ‘non-extendable’ I would make double-check that as soon as you enter India. Have a good trip!

  6. Thank you for the great post. You have explained something that is not on any official gov website.

    I wanted to ask you if this rule still applies? I am from Canada and will be going Thailand for a while. At the end of the year I want to go to India with my friend.

    I am Canadian. Can Canadians also apply for Visa from Indian Embassy in Thailand?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you again

    1. Hi John, thanks for getting in touch. All the rules should still apply but I haven’t updated yet that somebody pointed out that the full amount for the visa is to be paid upfront now – when we were there we only had to pay the application fee and the visa fee afterwards. And yes, Canadian also apply there, I think any nationality can 🙂 Have a good time in Chiang Mai and in India!

  7. Hey Dani,

    Thank you for prompt reply. I am going to Bangkok but will probably visit other places. It will be my first time visiting Thailand. I am excited.

    Thanks again.

    I shall post my experience in the comment section later this year once I am gone through the process.


    1. You’re welcome, John 🙂 Thanks for offering to leave your feedback once you’ve gone through the process, that helps us to keep the post up-to-date – much appreciated 🙂 The advantage of getting the visa in Bangkok is that they offer a 6-month visa, and in Chiang Mai only 3 months, but the office in Chiang Mai is much smaller and wait times (while you’re there) are much shorter. Plus, we prefer Chiang Mai to Bangkok 🙂

  8. Strange that the official website still seems to suggest that it’s possible to get a 6-month visa in Chiang Mai. Is there any way of getting it couriered from Chiang Mai, or do we just have to cancel some plans and spend an extra week in Bangkok in order to make the 6-month visa happen?

    1. I’d suggest you spend an extra week in Bangkok. I am 100 % sure that you can get only a 3 month visa in Chiang Mai – we would have gotten a 6-month visa if we could have, because since the visa starts on the day it is issued and our visit to India was still a couple of months away, we were cutting it pretty close. But Chiang Mai was the only place where there was a consulate and where we spent some more time, so the 3-month visa had to do it.

      1. Hello Dani,

        When you say the “visa starts on the day it is issued” but your ‘visit was still a couple of months away’, does it mean you got 3 months from the date you entered the country, or you had 3 months from the day it was put in your passport at the embassy (and so you only had one month there)?

        1. Hi Gaelle – yes, the visa starts the day it is issued. In our case we actually cut it really close because we traveled to India in May but got the visa in Chiang Mai in March. We had only two days left on our visas when we flew out of India – getting an extension while you’re there is nearly impossible from what we’ve heard.

  9. Hi, could anyone confirm that it’s still possible to get a 6-month visa in Bangkok? Also, is the procedure the same as for 3 months or so you have to go through an interview or do more paperwork? Thanks!

  10. I just left the embassy in Bangkok and you only need to show up with your passport; I brought photos but they were the wrong size even though I got them from a visa photo shop. Once I was there they had me fill out a form in pen and then they put it in the computer and gave it back to me typed. They took my photo there and made copies of my passport, they also wrote in my Indian references. Then, even though I only asked for a 3 month visa they gave me a 6 month because indeed it does begin from the day it is issued not upon entry. I would bring about 4000 baht if you are US citizen and you will have a little left over but I wasted money on the other photos and also making copies of my passport at a copy shop. In Bangkok they do everything for you. I got my passport back 8 days later even though I was told it would take 8 working days which would have made it 10 total. This was November 7 2012

  11. Thanks Charlie! So you went straight to the embassy, not the India Visa Application Centre? Didnt you apply online before going there?

  12. Thanks for the post, I found it very helpful, a word of warning however regarding peope who have previously travelled to India and had a visa. It is absolutely ESSENTIAL that you supply the number of that visa. My previous visa was in my old passport which I no longer have access to, but it is no good writing on the form “not available”, THEY JUST WILL NOT ACCEPT THAT RESPONSE. I tried everything to no avail. The problem is that the system is now computerised and there is no provision for “special cases” even if the consulate was to waive the condition (which he wont) I am desperately trying to find the information from other sources. The consulate in London would not release the information to any of my family and although the consulate in Chiang Mai eventually agreed to contact the London branch once I’d submitted the application and paid the fee, I was not exactly reassured that he would put any real effort into it, and he also said I would lose my money if they didn’t manage to get it. It is no use pleading that you have a flight already booked (or even trying to speed it up to beat a deadline once they have accepted the application) they have heard it all before and it is not their problem basically. At the moment things are not looking hopeful for me spending Christmas in India. So remember DONT DISCARD THAT OLD PASSPORT it may contain vital information.

  13. Hi, all!

    If applying for an Indian visa in Bangkok do you have to leave your passport with them at the embassy or just the photocopy ones?

    Reason I ask Is that I will be flying into Bangkok, the next day applying for the India visa, then heading to one of the islands for a few weeks, so I will not be back in Bangkok until then plus I would prefer to fly to the islands rather than take the bus so I will need my passport, can anyone tell me if this is possible?
    Much obliged, Alex

  14. thanks for the great info! i would like to share with you that you are not able to extend your visa in india. i had a 3 months visa and went to the embassy and consulate and the only option is to leave the country for 2 months and ask e.g. in chiang mai again for a new visa.
    Good luck!

  15. This is so helpful, thank you!
    Can I pay more to speed up the process in chiang mai because I’m not exactly 7 days there.
    And, are you sure that I have to leave my passport for the 7 days in the embassy?! That doesn’t sound to easy for me when I would like to travel around in Thailand. I mean what if I need to show anyone (an official) my passport?
    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Chrissi, I don’t think you can speed up the process – they made it very clear to us that it will take 7 days. We had the same problem – we were never long enough in one place to get our visa while we were in South East Asia, luckily we ended up spending a longer time in Chiang Mai. You will just have to travel with copies of your documents while your passport is at the Consulate, there is just no way around it.

  16. Thank you very much!
    I was today in the embassy in chiang Mai and you are right I could not speed up the process of 5 working days, but it was absolutely NO problem to thank my passport with me out of the embassy. For the processing they need just the copies. That’s perfect, now Angkor can come 😉
    I also heard that from January onward there will maybe no visa application necessary for Germans. Than it’s just visa on arrival. But I will ask this when I pick up my visa.

  17. Thx a lot girls… Seems to be pretty nice to have this Option in Chiang Mai… Anyway just bad, that I cant apply because still traveling for 3 month in SOA and go than to India… To bad… Hope I can get it in Laos, Cambodia or Viatnam -.-

    1. Hi Chris, I think all the capitals have an Indian embassy, but we never stayed long enough anywhere else to get the visa. Would have preferred to get in BKK where they issue 6-months visas. Enjoy South East Asia and the rest of your trip 🙂

  18. Where do you state “TWO references in India”? On internet form there is space for TWO references, ONE in India and ONE in Thailand.
    Otherwise this site is very helpful.

  19. PS
    On 01 Feb I completed the online form (with ONE reference in India (the Hotel I stayed in on my last visit)) and was given an appointment (by email) for 12 noon on 06 Feb.
    I’ll let you know how it goes.

    1. Thanks, Bryan! I think we just picked out two random hostels that we might stay at and put them down as a reference. Nobody seemed to care much about the references 😉

  20. Right. Same same with other visas and entry cards. I’ve never known a response as simple as “Hotel” to be questioned.
    However, just to clarify, with respect to the India visa application form at
    They do not ask for “two references in India” as you have stated. They ask for ONE reference in India and ONE reference in Thailand.

  21. 06 Feb — brought print-out of completed online form and other material to Consulate for 12:00 appointment. Arrived at 11:30. About 18 people waiting. Finished at 12:28. Informed that visa will be ready in one week

    1. Bryan- Could you please post when you get your visa and how long it took? I’ve been reading that it takes “one week” and “5 days” (no sure if the “one week” means 7 days or 5). I am planning on only being in Chiang Mai from a Sunday to Saturday, so I’m trying to figure out if I can drop it off on Monday and pick up up that Friday.

      Thanks so much to Dani and everyone else who has posted–super helpful!

  22. 13 Feb 2013 – I picked up my visa today.
    The whole process took 13 days. [01 Feb completed online application. 06 Feb submitted paperwork as directed in response to online application. 13 Feb picked up visa as directed]

    Allison – “…drop it off on Monday…”. Assuming that by “it” you mean the completed online application, etc — I’m quite sure that “one week” means 7 days (at least you should be prepared for that)

    You MUST do the online application. It will give you a date to appear (which was 6 days hence in my case). [You don’t actually have to be in Chiang Mai until then].
    POSSIBLY you could appear for your interview and submit your paperwork before the specified date, but I doubt very much that they would accept that.

  23. Hi, my boss is going to apply India visa next week and had a hard time to call to the consulate as nobody answered the phone.

    I’m wondering if the person who apply need to submit the document on own or he can asks someone else to go for him.

    Any answers posted here will be appreciated! Thanks!

  24. Just read this on the Website:

    “From 7 July 2013, VFS India Passport & Visa Application Centre will not be operational. The above arrangement is in order to provide effective delivery service until our last day of operations which is 6 July 2013.”

    So where can we go for Visa in Bangkok after that date?

    1. Prema, thanks so much for leaving this comment and making us aware of the huge changes that are happening on this – we are looking in to everything and will post an update soon!

      1. THX! My mail to VFS today bounced back after 2 days:

        “Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

        Mail server for “” unreachable for too long”

        Since that is the only contact given on the Indian Embassy Bangkok website we may have to cancel the whole trip altogether…

  25. Thank you soooooo much for this information! I can’t tell you how helpful it’s been and how much more confident it’s made me for the whole process!!! Total blessing! Peace~~~

    1. Hi Cindy, we didn’t have to show any proof of return flights when we applied for our Indian visas – we didn’t even have a flight yet when we applied for the visa.

  26. Dani – thank you for these wonderful details. With the visa process in the US changing this summer, I had decided to wait until I would be in Chiang Mai to get a 3 month tourist visa for India.

    I wanted to add a caution to visiting the Chiang Mai Indian Consulate for those that will be going to India to, perhaps among other touristy things, stay at an ashram or meditation center or church etc:

    The officer at Chiang Mai consulate performed an interview with me (and everyone else that was there on the three occasions I visited) to drill through the specifics of the anticipated travel itinerary. As part of this conversation, I mentioned that I would be staying at a meditation center for a week or possibly longer. The officer took note and referred the process to the consul or next highest officer there. I was asked in his office and interviewed at length about what I am planning to do in this ashram/meditation center, and given a lecture about how this is no longer a tourist activity, but will require a special visa, for which I would need to show a signed letter (even if emailed) that spells out a confirmation of my attendance and an outline of my duties/schedule while at the center. I initially printed out (at a nearby office shop) the email exchange that clarified the arrangments, but it was rejected (same morning) and I had to ask the center to email me an official letter on letterhead that would describe the program and confirm my attendance. This meant, my first visit to the consulate was for naught. I was not the only one that morning shown the door for lack of an appropriate letter. Two other parties that were waiting in line right in front of me or behind me, and had planned visits to yoga centers, were given the same lectures (in public) and told to bring back an official letter.

    A week later, I brought back a copy of the letter (on official letter-head and with a signature, printed from a pdf file I received via email from India). Instead of 2,100 baht I was charged almost 4,000 baht since this was no longer a tourist visa, which I had – as mentioned by you guys – to pay right on the spot. Another seven days later, I returned to the consulate a third time to pick up my visa. It is a SINGLE entry visa, valid for three months from the day of issue, and it explicitly spells out the place where I will be staying for much of the time of my visit.

    The people at the consulate were friendly, but the interrogation process felt rather intimidating to me, especially with the higher level officer / consul.

    I did not need a flight ticket to obtain the visa, or any hotel confirmations, just the letter with the invitation to the meditation center an outline of the program I would be subjected to there. And thank goodness I wasn’t in a hurry to get the visa.

    Bottomline: If you don’t have such a letter, don’t tell them ANY specifics about whatever you are planning to do, other than that you are planning to visit a list of tourist sites.

  27. I know a similar question has been asked before, but I was wondering if anyone HAS or knows of someone that has had luck dropping the completed application form and all completed documents off on a Monday and getting them back on a Friday? Is there any way to pay more to expedite the process? Thank you.

    1. Hi Daytona, I don’t think that’s possible. We were specifically told seven days, and there was no option to expedite the process.

  28. Great information !
    I was wondering if anyone has ever had to wait more than a week for their Indian visa when applying in Chang Mai. And also if it’s possible to get your passport back without the visa in case something important comes up ?

  29. Went to the consulate with application filled out perfectly but they wanted to see my friends copy of ownership of property I was visiting , copy of his passport and letter of invitation signed not a copy , so I won’t be able to get the visa in time for travel ! Best bet don’t tell them you are visiting anyone, get a guest house address and use that instead I’m bummed !!

  30. Thanks for the post!

    We just went in today (December 26, 2013), and they now require the following in addition to what’s listed above:

    – A printed full itinerary of all the cities you’ll visit throughout the entirety of your trip.
    – A printed reservation confirmation of at least one lodging accommodation in India.
    – A letter from a local sponsor stating that they know you and that you’re a trustworthy person.
    – An affidavit from your home country’s consulate stating you have no criminal records if you’ve visited China or any other country with poor or recently poor relations to India (1550 baht for US citizens from the US Consulate).

    For US citizens who have visited non-Indian-friendly countries, the total now comes out to around 4700 baht, all non-refundable and paid before the process.

    Now that I’ve described some of the new technical requirements, I’ll explain a bit of the more personal information I’d advise against sharing based on the interrogation session that happened with the consulate general after our interview was completed.

    I would advise against telling them if you have a blog or post pictures, videos, or writings anywhere on the internet. The consulate general said that this would make me a “photojournalist”, which would change which visa I’m on, but also that the “US Secret Service might be watching my blog, and anything poor written about India would damage US-Indian relations.” (I wish I was making this up.) He went on to include review sites like Trip-Advisor and social media sites including Twitter as examples of things that qualify people as journalists (however, he did say Facebook is okay because he believed it’s entirely “private”).

    If you are or have ever been an artist of any kind (musician, dancer, actor, artist), I advise against telling them that information as well; the consulate general informed me that owning a guitar while living in Thailand means that I may have played the guitar in Thailand, and if anybody else heard me playing, that would be considered a concert, which is illegal because I’m on a tourist visa, which would mean I’m a criminal in Thailand, and they can’t give Indian visas to criminals. (Again, I wish I was making this up, but this is an almost word-for-word recount.)

    If you’re not an artist, writer, or documentarian yourself, but you know somebody who is, I would advise against telling them that as well. We have a couple friends who volunteered at DAA (Documentary Arts Asia – located south of Chiang Mai Gate) who hosted international film nights. We went to see a documentary that our friends were hosting in May, and that qualified us as “documentarians.” Because of that, the consulate general said, “I have no way of knowing that you aren’t going to make documentaries in India, which would be illegally working on tourist visas, as well as potentially dangerous for India’s image if you say anything bad about India.”

    There’s plenty more that happened in the interview that seemed incredibly shady, including what seemed like a few attempts to get a bribe from us. The consulate general also spent a fair portion of time telling us stories about people who have had heart attacks in airports, people who have gotten arrested for wearing Ohm symbols below their knees, and people who were trying to marry Hill Tribe women, explaining that he was “worried” about giving us visas because those things could happen to us. (Neither my partner nor I have heart disease, Ohm symbols below our knees, nor Hill Tribe women awaiting marriage with us.)

    We’re both very respectable, well-dressed, clean, soft-spoken, non-confrontational people, so I don’t know what else to suggest, but I hope anybody else who attempts to go through the process in Chiang Mai has better luck than we did. We’re supposed to return tomorrow with more documentation, so I’ll make sure to update what happens when we get the final results.

  31. Great advice, makes it a lot easier!
    Just additional: If you plan on staying in India with friends or family you will need a letter from that person confirming your relation and that you are going to stay with them while visiting the country. They then need to sign the letter and attach copies of their visa and passport.
    Thats what I was told today when I tried to apply for my visa – soooo frustrating!!!!

  32. 6/3/14
    Now requiring a printout of a confirmed hotel reservation for your planned arrival city in your name with date(s) of stay.

  33. hi! just got my indian visa today.

    however, i noticed that my visa has no official stamp and signature on it unlike other visas i got before. i researched online and found out that recently the indian embassy started issuing digitalized visas and it does not require stamp or signature from the consulate.

    has anybody experienced entering india without a stamp on his visa and not getting into trouble?

  34. I would highly recommend against the Chiang Mai Indian consulate unless it is your only option. I’ve never experienced other Indian consulates, but the guys working at the Chiang Mai office are bureaucratic, impolite, and (honestly) merciless.

    I’ll save everyone from stories similar to the ones accounted above, but it’s true that every applicant at the consulate was treated rudely and nonsensically. I’m not sure that a single person was granted a visa in the 3 hours I was there.

    Dani & Jess, you have an excellent article here that is #1 or #2 on google. Based on the many experiences shared here, I think it’d be helpful to add a warning about the Chiang Mai consulate to the blog. Bureaucratic experiences are easier to put up with if they’re expected 🙂

  35. I just wanted to report that we received our India Tourist Visa at the Chiang Mai consulate yesterday. Thank you for this guide. Okay they were not super friendly, but friendly enough for a consulate (the Thai secretary is very friendly and helpful). It took from Thursday to Thursday (because of 1 day holiday at Songkran). I also noticed that we didn’t receive any stamp or signature and went back inside to ask the lady. She told me this in not required anymore.

    We took big care of having all the documentation before arriving here. So you have to fill out the online form, where you can choose the date for the interview. My boyfriend had an earlier appointment time than me (timewise), but we went there together and were interviewed together. In the online form is a field, where you have to fill in all the countries you visited in the last 10 years. For well travelled people, there is not enough space. Make sure to be able to fill in at least the countries you have passport stamps in your current passport. We attached a letter with these countries and handed it in at the consulate. We also provided in/out flight booking and a hotel booking.

    In the interview we realized pretty soon that the only purpose of this is, to find out if we are on a business trip. We didn’t wanna put “unemployed” as our current occupation so we just put our last company. We are both Software developers (from different companies tough) and he tried to find out if we know any Indian software developers etc. Do answer all these questions with NO (even if you do know). Make also sure you have an “itinerary” of some tourist sights in mind, just to make them happy and proof you’re a proper tourist. Never ever put “Journalist” or something similar as your occupation. Honestly, I would also not wear “too nice clothes” to show up there. Just look like the average traveller. It took us maybe 35 Minutes to hand in our stuff, fill out some forms there and the interview.

    From stories I’ve heard, basically your only other option is Bangkok or Kathmandu in the region. So for us, this worked out just fine. So if your well prepared, don’t look like you’re on a business trip and it’s your first trip to India I am sure you won’t face any issues.

    Thank you so much for this guide. We are sooo excited for India!

    1. Hi Sandra, thanks so much for the detailed feedback!! You mention some really good points here (like not putting ‘journalist’ for example!) I hope you’ll enjoy India!!

  36. I applied for a Visa Online and got a print-out of the form with date 10 October 2014 and time 10.45am printed on the right-hand side of the form. Now I realized that it takes 7 days from time of submission at the Consulate of India Chiangmai to the day the visa is given. So I need to change the Appointment Date to 6 October as I have to be flying off to India on 13 October 2014 latest. (I have been invited by the Indian Government to a travel show in Shillong and have a letter to proof that. My concern is: I could NOT retrieve my Online form to change the Appointment Date no matter how I tried. Can I apply afresh for the Online visa to get an Appointment Date for 6 October 2014?

  37. thanks for all the information. is the visa still available in cm? and is it now also possible to get a 6 month visa there? does anyone has experience with a visa for a 5 month old baby?
    thanks again- anne

    1. Yes, I would also very much like to know whether six month tourist visas are available from Chiang Mai. When in Kathmandu recently, an immigration agent advised me to apply for my next Indian visa from there rather than from Bangkok as, according to her, six month visas were granted from Chiang Mai, but not Bangkok. Does anyone know whether this is correct? Your help would be most appreciated.

  38. Anyone have any recent experiences with the consulate? Sandra, by having all the necessary documents do you also mean the printed letter itinerary of cities you’ll visit and a letter from a local sponsor mentioned in the comments above? I’m just wondering if maybe it’s best to go to Bangkok to get the visa. Thank you!

  39. Hello, i booked my appointment on the 17th April, but I can not make it so i need to rebook it to 20th. However the website does not allow me to. Should I wait till 17th and then book again or call them ?

  40. I have a 10 year Indian Visa(from USA), good until July 2017
    but I just replaced my passport, can I get the Indian visa
    transferred to the new passport in Chiang Mai

  41. 2016::: new rules: the citizens of Europe, the USA, Israel and many other countries can not get Indian visa in Thailand. online only for 1 month. $ 60

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