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My Holiday Gift Guide For Globetrotters (+ 3 Awesome Christmas Giveaways!)

My Holiday Gift Guide For Globetrotters (+ 3 Awesome Christmas Giveaways!)

Last Updated on January 4, 2017

It’s December – and Christmas is just around the corner! For the third time, I’ve put together a gift guide for the travel lover in your life – 13 gift ideas that I put together with travelers in mind, but you might also find a couple of things in here that make great gifts for family members or friends who aren’t globe trotters. I am also aiming to keep my gift ideas affordable, so most of these gifts are under $30Airportag products.

I also recommend you check out my previous two gift guides, because many of the gifts I recommended in previous years are still products I use all the time and love, like the scarf with the secret pocket or my pickpocket-proof underwear, the scratchable world map and the cool airport merchandise from Airport Tag for frequent flyers.

To make your Holiday season a little sweeter, I am sprinkling in a few giveaways and special discounts – you’ll find information on how to enter the giveaways in each section.

1 A Cool Travel Book: Off Track Planet’s Travel Guide for the Young, Sexy, and Broke

Even though I cherish my Kindle, I still need to read a real book every now and again, feel the pages between my fingers, see the beautifully designed cover in front of me. This book is a bit different from your usual travel guide because it focuses on travel for younger people – 20somethings, college students and grads, hipsters and everyone who wants to experience a city beyond the typical tourist attractions. It features a number of trendy travel destinations (think Iceland, Peru, New York, Belfast, Thailand, Portugal, etc) and instead of the usual sights, things like where to see great street art, where to party, the best extreme sports in a destination, and even where to get a tattoo. As the title suggests, it aims at budget travelers and is divided into three sections: ‘Get Inspired’, ‘Get Your Shit Together’ and ‘Make Yourself Useful’. They collect ‘oddities, traditions, fascinating events, and happenings in various destinations around the world’ and also provide useful information on practical logistics as well as work, study and volunteer opportunities available abroad.

They have now also started to make full guide books for various destinations, including Brooklyn, San Francisco or ‘Murica.

Price: $11.55Off Track Planet

If you want to gift something that’s visual appealing, I recommend a coffee table book with stunning photographs. Some of my favorite travel photography themed coffee table books are:

Price: $10 (One Planet) – $40 (The National Parks)Travel books

not all those who wander are lost2 Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost Tote Bag

This tote bag was gifted to me this year and has since traveled everywhere with me. The JRR Tolkien quote might just be my favorite travel quote of all times. The Tolkien Tote Bags are made in the U.S., made from heavy canvas and two incredibly sturdy handles – mine has been through a lot (and carried a lot!) and is still in top shape.

Price: $25

3 Tinggly Gift Box (+ Giveaway!)

Tinggly is giving you the gift I always prefer: an experience rather than a material thing. If you know someone who has a trip coming up, they will love the Tinggly Gift Box, which includes a travel experience of their choice. This could be bungee jumping in Australia, a hot air balloon ride in Goa, diving in the Caribbean, a pizza making class in Italy or a wine tasting in Paris. There are hundreds of experiences to choose from, and Tinggly offers three different gift boxes: the Essential Collection ($79), the Premium Collection ($119) or the Ultimate Collection ($279). So you select which Tinggly Gift Box you’d like to give, but the recipient gets to decide which experience they want to do, and have 24 months to redeem their voucher.

Price: Starting at $79

Giveaway: I am giving away a Premium Tinggly Gift Box (value $119)! Click here to enter: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Open to readers worldwide. Giveaway closes on 25 December 2016.

tinggly fancy gift box

4 I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Minded

I don’t carry a lot of actual books with me, but I’ve always got a travel journal in my bag. I love this one, A Travel Journal For The Curious Minded, because it lets you add all kinds of practical personal information (blood type, emergency contacts, allergies, etc) which comes in handy should you get injured on your trip. It lets you add pre-trip check lists and packing lists, tips for things to do and things to avoid, and then there’s of course a whole bunch of space for your notes, observations, memories, tickets and other things you might want to keep.

The Travel Stub Diary ($10.38) also looks great, and for more beautiful travel journals to gift I recommend Conde Nast Traveler’s list of 13 Travel Journals That Will Make You Put Your Smartphone Down.

Price: $15I Was Here A Travel Journal for the Curious MindedMinx NY

5 Minx Winter Apparel (+ Giveaway)

Minx apparel offers the perfect accessories to get you through the winter: they are cozy, soft, and warm. I love that they are based out of Brooklyn, and I love that they are focusing on practical yet cozy accessories. Check out their website for a full range of gift ideas including scarves (super cozy and some have a front pocket for your phone) and super comfy socks. I especially recommend the shea butter infused sweater slipper socks and the knit slouchy beanie.

Discount: If you’re doing any holiday shopping on the Minx website, use the code GLOBETROTTERGIRLS10 to get 10% off! (Valid until 12/25/2016)

Price: Starting at $24.99

Giveaway: I am giving away a pair of the amazingly soft and snug shea butter infused sweater slipper socks!

Click here to enter the giveaway: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Open to U.S. residents only. Giveaway closes on 25 December 2016.

6 A Travel Duffel Bag

I personally prefer duffel bags over rolling carry-ons – it is just easier to carry a bag over your shoulder than to pull it behind you, especially on cobblestone streets or in places like London or New York where you find yourself running up and down stairs and escalators in subway stations frequently. This travel bag, made in South Korea, has the perfect size for a weekend getaway, matches carry-on requirements and has a gorgeous world map design that every travel addict will love. And at only $31.99, it’s a steal! (Standard shipping is $16, expedited shipping is $31).

Price: $31.99World Map Duffel Bag

7 PicTrip Destination Photoshoot (+ Giveaway)

What I find really hard about traveling is to get decent pictures of myself. No matter if I travel alone or as a couple, if you hand your camera over to someone you usually end up with mediocre photos – trust me, I’ve got dozens of those. To get some really good shots in a dream destination, you’d have to hire a photographer. Luckily this is something that’s easy to do these days – instead of having to deal with emailing local French photographers in Paris or Spanish speaking photographers in Mexico, PicTrip organizes the shoot for you. In short, PicTrip is a destination photography company that pairs travelers with photographers in destinations worldwide, ensuring you come home with memories of your trip to last a life time. This is a perfect gift for someone who is going on a trip or on their Honeymoon.

Price: PicTrip offers several packages, ranging from a 30-min shoot (GBP150) in one location to a 3-hour shoot (GBP420) in 3 to 4 locations.

Giveaway: I am giving away PicTrip photoshoot – click here to enter: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Open to readers worldwide. Giveaway closes on 25 December 2016.


8 Food Maps

Unique, hand-drawn maps inspired by food? Yes, please! I saw one of these travel maps in my friend Stephanie’s house in Seattle last month and obsessed over it immediately. The print shows an outline of a country, for example Mexico, surrounded by words that read, upon closer inspection, famous dishes of that country. What I love even more is that I know the person who created these gems, Jodi Ettenberg, whose work I’ve been admiring for years and who I am lucky enough to call my friend. If posters are not your thing, you can get the maps also printed on tote bags and T-shirts, and they are available for Japan, Mexico, Italy, Thailand, Vietnam and Portugal.

Price: $24Food Maps

9 Travel themed jewelry

While the silver world map necklace seems to be the absolute best seller this year when it comes to travel jewelry, I prefer the vintage look of this world map watch with a brown leather strap ($29.99) or this golden globe necklace.

For a larger selection of travel-themed jewelry, check out Etsy – there are plenty of them, and they all look fantastic. If you know someone who is obsessed with a certain country, you should check out these necklaces on Amazon which feature the map of a country/ continent.

Price: $21.90 – $31.50travel themed jewelry

10 Passport cover

Anyone who owns a passport will love this gift – a beautiful passport cover. That’s something everyone who travels frequently should own (which is something I learned the hard way when I had to replace my passport after not being allowed to enter Indonesia with my ‘too worn’ passport last year). Now I always have it in a cover.

This ‘Keep Calm and Travel On’ cover is available on, but I’ve also seen beautiful designs on and on Etsy, like the one with the Susan Sonntag quote.

Price: $12.95passport holder

11 Anywhere Travel Guide: 75 Cards for Discovering the Unexpected, Wherever Your Journey Leads

This travel guide is a little different from your ordinary travel guide, which I love. The set contains 75 cards, each of which comes with a task you have to fulfil while you’re on your trip. This could be ‘Ask the next person you meet where his/her favorite street is. Go there’ or ‘Write down what you like about this city on a small piece of paper. Leave it where someone else will find it later’ and is not only a fun game to play on a trip, but will also get you out of your comfort zone and bring you to places you wouldn’t have found otherwise. I think it’s one of the funnest gifts you can give a travel lover, and it’s less than $10 on Amazon!

Price: $9.57anywhere travel guide

12 Heat Holders Gloves

Heat Holders clothes are all designed to retain warmth in extremely cold environments and activities in the snow. They are made from a specially developed thermal yarn provides high performance insulation against cold with superior moisture breathing abilities. If you know anyone who is planning a ski trip or about to head to Iceland, Lapland or another winter destination, they will love you for this gift. Heat Holder Socks for example are famous for their thermal powers, and the Heat Holder Microfleece Base Layer Tops and Bottoms are made from a lightweight micro-fleece construction which has a heat-retaining brushed surface that provides an amazingly powerful warmth. As someone who is constantly on their phone, I personally love their fingerless gloves with converter mitt, allowing me to quickly write a text message or look up directions and then slip the mitten caps back on immediately.

Price: Starting at $15.99heatholders

13 Chatbooks Photobook

I love personalized photo books and love gifting them, but have always found it frustrating how long it takes to make a photo book with the usual photo book websites. That’s why I was happy to discover Chatbooks, an app that lets you make a photo book in minutes. You can choose where you’d like to import pictures from, for example your camera roll or your Instagram. I chose my Instagram, where I have all my photos sorted by trip, and within less than a minute, I had a beautiful photo book. This is a great gift for a friend who you went on a trip with, or someone who could use a nice coffee table book for travel inspiration.

The best part? The books start at only $8, and for an additional $2, you get up to five extra square prints! You can download the free app here.

Price: Starting at $8

Chatbooks Photobook

Happy Holidays!



Wednesday 21st of December 2016

Awesome gift ideas ... I love the passport cover ... :)


Thursday 22nd of December 2016

Swati - The best ones I've actually seen in markets in Thailand! Should have brought back a bunch of them to gift them to people ;-)


Sunday 18th of December 2016

Wonderful ideas! The food maps are pretty awesome. I hope she decides to offer Spain in the future! :)

I'm hoping to win the PicTrip giveaway. My inlaws are taking the entire family to Hawaii to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary and I think this would be such an awesome way to remember our time together! :)


Thursday 22nd of December 2016

That would be a perfect gift indeed, Alana :) Happy Holidays and good luck for the giveaway!


Tuesday 13th of December 2016

Hey Dani!

Great list. I especially like the Tinggly - so preferable to have an experience over a material item. Although, I know several people who would not like giving that one out of fear of me getting hurt on some adventure activity they boat for me. They'd have to choose something a little calmer than a bungee! :D :D

Also - I've never heard them called "heat holders gloves" - I just call them GLITTENS! Hehehe.

Karina Kristensen

Monday 12th of December 2016

Hi Dani Awesome awesome awesome From Karina ( Denmark)


Thursday 22nd of December 2016

Happy Holidays :) :) :)