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When the day starts with a trip out to see the Statue of Liberty and ends with the flashing lights of Times Square, there is no mistaking where in the world we are. New York, New York is easily one of our favorite cities on Earth, and we love it more with each day we spend navigating the subway, hopping into yellow cabs and pounding the pavement through Manhattan day and night.

NYC2NOLA Photos of the Day: New York City

Recognize this flame? The day began with a trip out to visit the Lady of the Harbor – better known as the Statue of Liberty. We learned a lot of little known facts – that Lady Liberty was actually shiny copper for her first 30 years until turning green, her face was modeled off the artist’s mother, and that from the beginning, this symbol of America was an international effort – copper from Norway, Italian sculptor, French designer, American soil.

Next was lunch around the corner from Wall Street – and this ain’t no ordinary pizza. This here is an eggplant Parmesan slice, with a super-thin layer of perfectly prepared breaded eggplant Parmesan layered onto the dough, sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese on top. When in Rome….

This reflection in the building across from the roof-top terrace at The Library boutique hotel in Midtown shows the scene of a typical Monday midday in Midtown Manhattan…

…and this is a packed Times Square at 10:30pm on a Monday night. New York truly is the city that never sleeps! The wait for the Empire State Building at 11pm was over an hour (on a Monday night!). In Times Square it looked as if a concert had let out, but really, this is what is happening every day of the week in NYC, as the rest of us go about our daily lives elsewhere. We are going to miss you New York!

Stay tuned for more – tomorrow we head to Philadelphia! Find out what it’s really like for us as a couple out on the road together! Check our the Art of Couples Travel ebook by Indie Travel Podcast (to which we contributed the chapter on LGBT couples travel!).

We’d like to thank for providing us with the CityPASSes, which made our trip to the Statue of Liberty a breeze today, and to the Casablanca Hotel (one of four HKHotels) for making our stay so comfortable!

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    1. Aaron, it was great to meet you – hope to see you soon again! And thanks for taking us on the night tour of the villages, that was great.

    1. The Library Hotel was wonderful – the library theme is kept throughout the entire hotel, from lobby to reading rooms to poetry rooftop garden to the rooms 🙂 And the location, plus free breakfast and wine & cheese in the afternoon make it a really good deal compared to other Manhattan hotels. It was our favorite hotel in New York!

    1. Thanks guys! So far it has been an amazing trip, and we stopped in Boston before the official start in NYC, which was also amazing! Great city.

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time, wish I had stumbled across your blog sooner.. would have told you to use City Maps to help your get the most out of your time. You can see that NY Mag just gave it the thumbs time…. Cheers

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