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Experience Vanuatu: Exploring Citizenship in the Pacific

Experience Vanuatu: Exploring Citizenship in the Pacific

Last Updated on November 17, 2023

Located at the corner of the earth by the sides of Australia and New Zealand, Vanuatu is more than just a tropical paradise with pristine beaches and lush landscapes.

One of the factors why people around the world are attracted to Vanuatu is its citizenship by investment program. The tropical paradise in the South Pacific, Vanuatu is the only island nation in this area that offers citizenship by investment.

Another factor that makes Vanuatu the most popular choice among global citizens for second citizenship is that, while other nations that offer citizenship by investment employ a variety of languages, Vanuatu is the one island nation that uses English as its primary language. Because of this, the people from outside, when it comes to this place for residence, do not feel foreign because of the language barrier and connect easily with the country and its people.

Along with this, the citizenship of Vanuatu comes with plenty of other benefits that we will discuss below. Let’s learn about them.

Exceptional Benefits of Second Citizenship of Vanuatu

Citizenship by investment program of Vanuatu offers a lot of benefits to the applicants. Here are some of the most sought after benefits for a second citizenship in Vanuatu:  

1.    Hurdle-free travel experiences

Vanuatu’s official passport is one of the best passports in the world. This results from 15 years of hard work to expand global visa waivers by connecting and cooperating with various nations worldwide. Due to that hard work, the citizens of Vanuatu can travel visa-free throughout 98 nations of the world. 

Moreover, the Vanuatu passport is valuable, with easy entry to Hong Kong and Singapore and eligibility for B1 or B2 visas to the United States. One bonus is that the holders of Vanuatu passports can apply for long-term visas for a neighboring nation, Australia.

2.    Personal tax benefits

Vanuatu is a known tax-haven country. A tax haven country is where there is a 0% tax on the nation’s residences. This means citizens do not have to pay any tax through income tax, corporate tax, withholding tax, capital gains tax, estate tax, or gift tax. 

This facility allures big ventures or investors from wealthy families who live in a taxed nation. At those places, they might have to face the hefty tax commitments. But, by becoming a resident of Vanuatu, you can avoid such an issue and benefit most from your investment or venture. beach

3 Prosperous business benefits 

As Vanuatu is a tax haven, opening an international company or MNC in this island nation is extremely easy. The only restriction is that such corporations can not get funds from Vanuatu. Yet, they can conduct international trade while avoiding punitive tax obligations. 

Once the company completes its 20 years, it is exempted from paying any tax on profit, income, capital gains, inheritance, or donations. To harness such tax benefits, the company’s owner has to pay rent of $300 per year.

4 Simplified process of citizenship 

Many other countries that offer citizenship by investment also deliver various alluring benefits. But when it comes to the process of gaining citizenship, it is a complex procedure. It asks you to invest time, energy, and, of course, a financial investment. Such is not the case with Vanuatu’s citizenship by investment program. 

It offers a simplified and streamlined process for gaining a passport. The applicant for second citizenship of Vanuatu is free from the tension of language requirements, residency requirements, or a lengthy process. In just one month, you will have your Vanuatu passports in hand, ready for travel.natural beauty

Why Vanuatu?

Vanuatu has a thriving tourism and agriculture sector, and because it is a newer program, it does not feel overrun or overcrowded with people. Moreover, being in the circumference of such well-developed and respected nations like Australia and New Zealand, Vanuatu makes an easy-to-settle environment for all who come here.

Yet, along with the above-mentioned inviting benefits, there are many other perks that you will get when you opt for second citizenship in Vanuatu.

1 Social benefits 

Social benefits like educational facilities, health facilities, business, and career opportunities are something all search for in a place they decide to live in. Any global citizen who considers making Vanuatu their second home also comes with the same hope. To cater to the needs of its citizens, Vanuatu offers incredible and robust social benefits. 

To ensure the easily available health facilities nationwide, the government has employed 30 health centers and 97 active dispensaries providing inpatient and outpatient care, preventative medicine, and primary care around the islands. With around eight reputed universities, the nation also ensures the high-quality literacy of the nation.beach paradise

2 Access to a clean and safe environment

Because of less population and sustainable development works, Vanuatu has a less exploited and comparatively clean environment. Being surrounded by clean water bodies and plantations, the greenhouse gas emission of the place is lowest. 

Additionally, Vanuatu is also a leader in sustainable development. It uses carbon markets to finance its climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts. Thus, it ensures access to a safe and breathable environment for its citizens.

The process to apply for second citizenship in Vanuatu

As we have already mentioned, the procedure to apply for citizenship through an investment program is easier than other nations offer. In cooperation with the Global Residence Index, applicants from all over the world can ensure an easy assessment of their passport from the Vanuatu government. For more detailed information and updates, you can visit the Global Residence Index’s dedicated page on the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment program at

After a brief review of all the required documents for the application, you must follow the following 4-step procedure.

  1. 2-Wave Financial Investigation Unit approval.
  2. Detailed procedure with 30 % submission of the investment amount.
  3. Final submission of the remaining 70 % investment amount in the next 90 days of approval and review of documents.
  4. Receive your passport after four weeks of complete investment.


True, different investors will have different manifestations with the second citizenship of Vanuatu. Yet, there are some other benefits that Vanuatu offers to all applicants from worldwide. Thus, no matter why you or your family are applying for a second citizenship of Vanuatu, the certainty to lead a prosperous and comfortable life is there.

Being in the close vicinity of developed nations and being a tax haven nation, Vanuatu is becoming an alluring option for all looking for a second citizenship. Because the process of citizenship by investment program is much easier and takes less time, it is best for you to go for this option.

Thus, if you are seeking a ravishing and nature-friendly place to spend your life that also offers great social service facilities and thriving business opportunities, Vanuatu is the best place to go.dream destination