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Don’t stick your finger in your eye…Lost In Translation with iDBUS

Last Updated on January 1, 2016

The lingua franca amongst Western travelers is always English and it fascinates me how well people from around the world speak my language. For example, even if there are seven Germans/Swedes/Italians and one non-German/Swedish/Italian speaker, whole long conversations late into the night or all day on a hike take place in English. There are often some hilarious moments, but as the only native speaker in the bunch, sometimes I think I might be the only one to catch the funny literal translations from their language into English. Imagine trying to tell someone they are barking up the wrong tree by telling them they are putting their finger in their eye! Now connecting UK with mainland Europe, iDBUS coach travel means loads of fun little moments like this.

Of course Dani and I have Lost in Translation moments like the ones below on a daily basis, too, and they can lighten some situations and really frustrate us at other times. We love that iDBUS understands exactly how hilarious – or horrifying – these moments can be. Head over to the iDBUS Facebook page and share your #lostintranslation moment for a chance to win two tickets to Paris!

Lost in Translation by iDBUS

Lost In Translation – An infographic created by iDBUS coach travel