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Boggy Creek: Park Guide & Gruesome Legend

Boggy Creek: Park Guide & Gruesome Legend

Last Updated on May 22, 2023

When we talk about Boggy Creek Airboat Rides, we are drawn to the city of Orlando in Florida, and when we talk of Florida, the Everglades or its vast swamplands. When talking about swamplands, we think about those fast airboats to go around. If you’re looking for a tourist attraction that combines both extraordinary adventure and hair-raising legend, look no further than Boggy Creek. Here is my full Boggy Creek guide:

Where Is Boggy Creek Located?

Although commonly tagged as an Orlando attraction, it is actually located in the neighboring city of Kissimmee, Florida. Nevertheless, it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in this part of the state. The inviting weather, the vast expanse of greenery and water combined and the festive mood of the place make Boggy Creek Airboat Rides a place tourists do not miss out visiting when they reach the state of Florida.

Boggy Creek Airboat Ride

What Are The Best Activities in Boggy Creek?

There is actually a lot to do at Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures. They have different tour sets of activities for any part of the day, including day, sunset, night or private. The place is complete with amenities and a landscape that gives an authentic feel of the Florida landscape. The park also has restaurants and bars where you can have your fill of the mouthwatering barbecue and chug on your favorite beer, wine or soda while you await the activities that you have for the day.


Airboat Rides

No trip to Boggy Creek park is complete without experiencing an airboat ride and getting front seat view of the authentic Florida landscape and natural outdoors. You are guaranteed a safe ride through the guidance of US Coast Guard Certified Master Captains. The park’s fleet of airboat provides many tours for visitors day and night, as they continuously dock and set out again with certified and friendly captains who will guide you and provide you useful information about the area. To keep up with the hype of the tour, you’ll need to bring with you a Boggy Creek airboat attraction guide. This way, you’ll always be in the know of the places that can be visited, areas that can be passed through, the location of restrooms and concession stands and the different wildlife in the area. The airboat captains would be more than willing to show you the beauty of nature and the spots where you get to alligators, turtles, birds and flora and fauna native to the Everglades.

airboat ride

A plus to the airboat ride experience is being able to drive one yourself! Availing of the VIP package tour allows you to experience driving the airboat with the certified and experienced airboat captains. Just a short moment’s training on the controls and getting the feel of driving, the captain will let you take control of the boat and let it fly over the water. 

Native American Village

Get to know and be in touch with history and the original settlers of North America. Tourists can get to visit an authentic Native American home with genuine artifacts and hand-made creations. You’ll also get to observe some of the daily activities of Native Americans and develop a sense of respect and appreciation for their unique culture, heritage and contribution to society. Tourists will be amazed and appreciate the primitive way of living and demonstrations of how native tools such as spears, blowpipes, and bows are used and how “man’s first cooking technique” is shown. Learning history and culture don’t have to be all books and pictures. You can get the first-hand experience of these lessons at Boggy Creek.

Photos at Swamp Shack

Want an Instagrammable souvenir from your Boggy Creek tour? Visit the Swamp Shack to try putting on the “Old Florida Outdoor Wear”, ranging from camo to overall. You’ll be the talk of your circle of friends as you give them a glimpse of old Florida through your photos. Share your selfie to show you appreciate what the old folks of Florida wore. Just pose with your old outfit around the shack and say cheese.

Boggy Creek Guide

The Legend of Boggy Creek – Fouke Monster

Although it shares the same name with the film, it should not be confused with the urban legend from Fouke, Arkansas. The Boggy Creek theme park in Orlando, Florida doesn’t have anything to do with the Arkansas monster. For the uninformed, The Boggy Creek or Fouke monster is Arkansas’ version of the Sasquatch legend.  

The Boggy Creek theme park is something you should include in your bucket list of places to visit in Florida. This is a place where adventure, nature, history, and culture all get rolled into one amazing tour. This is an ideal tour destination whether you’re a solo tourist, touring with friends or touring with your family. I hope my Boggy Creek guide helps you plan your trip to this beautiful part of Florida!

Boggy Creek Guide

Photo Credit: All photos shared via Flickr’s Creative Commons Licensing. (1) Boggy Creek by Ronald Woan; (2) Boggy Creek by Ronald Woan; (3) Boggy Creek Airboat by Ronald Woan; (4) Boggy Creek Sign by Romana Klee; (5) Monster Mart by Romana Klee