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A Woman’s Handbook For Accommodation Safety During Trips

A Woman’s Handbook For Accommodation Safety During Trips

Last Updated on April 26, 2024

1 in 3 women will experience violent assault or stalking in their lifetime. When booking a trip, you want to feel safe enough to have the time of your life and avoid danger. Traveling abroad alone can be intimidating, but with the right research and safety measures, it can be the empowering and enriching experience you crave.

Keep reading as we provide your handbook for accommodation safety during trips – from booking your stay to taking precautions during your travels.

Is It Too Dangerous To Travel Solo As A Woman?

As women, we are more vulnerable to assault and violent crimes, and we can be at a disadvantage when protecting ourselves against male aggressors. Should we avoid adventure to ensure our safety and avoid danger?

Missing out on the enriching experience of traveling alone isn’t the answer. Proper planning, choosing your destinations wisely, and always having a safe place to go is the answer.

Traveling alone can be perfectly safe, so long as you do your due diligence when researching your trip. This guide is designed to empower you so that you have the confidence to travel alone and have the experience you deserve without your safety being compromised.dani solo travel

Accommodation Safety: Best Practices For Women

When planning your trip, selecting accommodation, and staying at the location, you should follow these best practices to ensure your safety.

Researching The Location

Before traveling anywhere, you need to scope out how dangerous it is. Are there areas in the city that you should avoid? Select an accommodation that will not require you to travel through dangerous areas and one that is in a safe, tourist-dense location. 

Although we may want to immerse ourselves in the reality of culture and choose an off-the-beaten-track location, tourist areas are safer, and there are plenty of resources nearby to help us if we need them.

If the city or country is considered dangerous and has a high crime rate, consider traveling with a companion or solo travelers group.

Security Systems

When researching hotels, apartments, and resorts, it’s in your best interest to ensure no intruders or criminals can enter the premises. You want your accommodation to be a fortress. Here are the essential security features to look for when browsing accommodation ads:

  • Access control: Key and lock systems allow lockpicking and forced entry. Instead, you should choose a hotel or apartment with access control. You get a keycard, fob, or digital keycard that allows you to enter your room. Only you can gain access. 
  • Video security: Security camera presence is a powerful deterrent for crime and documents any incidents on your trip. Should your belongings be stolen, the footage may be beneficial for making a police report or insurance claim. AI-powered surveillance and smart cameras for business add bonus points so that there’s consistent visibility and automated threat detection.
  • Alarm systems: If there is a break-in, fire, or gas leak on the property, you need to know about it right away so you can get to safety.

By looking for these 3 key features and researching the accommodation’s reputation thoroughly, you will be able to find a safe and secure place to stay during your trip.Alps cottage

Ditching Valuables

When traveling, it’s best to leave your expensive items at home. They may get wear and tear during your trip, or they could get stolen. Watches, handbags, jewelry, and expensive clothing are all vulnerable to theft. Leave them behind and get cheaper alternatives to your favorite expensive items before you go. 

Regarding your phone, keep it out and call a friend should you feel threatened in any situation. At any other time, keep it close to your body and out of sight. Losing your phone could put you in a very distressing and vulnerable situation.

Respectful Attire

All cultures are different, and how you dress at home may be perceived as disrespectful in another country. Research whether your destination requires modest clothing before planning your holiday wardrobe. Not conforming to a culture’s dress code can attract unwanted attention, and it’s best to take extra precautions if you’re traveling alone.respect full attire

Facebook Groups And Support Networks

It can be terrifying to feel unsafe in a strange place. Luckily, on the internet, you can access support groups for female travelers. So, if you’re feeling unsafe, you might be able to get advice from other female travelers or find someone staying nearby to help you should you get into any trouble.

Traveling Sensibly

Whenever you leave your accommodation, make sure your route is planned. Ensure you have a secure mode of transport. If public transport in the area is unsafe, use taxis. Research taxi companies carefully to ensure your safety during your daily activities.

Don’t Abuse Alcohol

Alcohol and recreational drugs lower your inhibitions and lower your safety. The wrong person could see your vulnerability and take advantage. It’s best to avoid drinking and save it for trips where you have companions to take care of you and make sure you get back to your accommodation safely.


Although your safety isn’t guaranteed when you travel abroad, taking these steps will make you far less vulnerable. Once you have booked secure accommodation in a safe area, you can adventure throughout the day and rest easy at night. Just be sure to keep your safety in mind every step of the way.