GlobetrotterGirls of the Month August 2013 | Andrea Adams and Teri Johnson, the ladies of Travelista TV

Globetrottergirl of the month

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We have a double edition of our GlobetrotterGirl of the Month this August with Andrea and Teri of Travelista TV, an online travel, entertainment and culture television channel. Every GlobetrotterGirl is one who seamlessly incorporates their love of travel into their professional and personal lives.  Andrea and Teri do this with what appears to be effortless glamor. Both the epitome of success, these ladies met while pursuing their MBAs, one went on to make a feature film and work with major media outlets, the other worked with Fortune 500 companies before coming together to launch Travelista TV. Today, these two women are Travelistas by day, running a travel series with top shelf travel experiences and destinations, and each run their own businesses as well all while traveling around the world and producing, directing and editing their series which has been syndicated by major media networks.

Think you can’t break free to live your dreams, follow your passions and travel the world? Get ready to get inspired by the ladies of Travelista TV, who show you not only that can you do all of that, but you can do it with grace, intellect and look fabulous doing it!