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 They say not to put all your eggs in one basket, but what if the basket is made out of a real rooster? We found these ‘rooster baskets’ in a handicrafts market in Masaya, Nicaragua, where the vendor proudly told us that the baskets are made from real roosters and chickens.

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    1. Masaya was a great stop after our rather disappointing stay in Granada. We weren’t sure how touristy Masaya would be (having the big artisan market) but there weren’t barely any tourists when we visited. Every time I don’t take any pictures, because I am not in the mood, I regret it afterwards!! But you still got the memories in your head 🙂

  1. hahaha…that is hysterical! I can only hope they take the rooster out when they sell it. 🙂 Personally I would love to buy a basket w/ a cute little pet included but Randy wouldn’t be so enthused!

  2. Ohh….. thank god for your flickr photos. I just saw what you really mean. that is gross! I honestly thought from the above photo that a live rooster was sitting in the basket and so I thought that was pretty cute. But I looked at the other photos and that is gross! who would want something like that? Poor little guys – yick!

    1. Hi Beth – yes, these baskets are a bit creepy…. but people seem to think it’s a MUST HAVE souvenir from Nicaragua… oh well. There was a little kitten cuddling up with them the whole time, the poor thing, what must it have thought..

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