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Goodbye 2013: Our year of travel in pictures

Posted on 31. Dec, 2013 by .


This is the fourth year in a row we reflect on another year as nomads and 2013 was an incredible mix of city-hopping and time spent in some of the most wide-open, underpopulated, breathtaking places on the planet! Find out why!

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From Pucon to Ushuaia: Our route through Patagonia

Posted on 04. Dec, 2013 by .


Patagonia is a must, but is a logistical challenge! This is the route we took from Chile’s Lake District to Ushuaia, Argentina, including buses, hotels, distances, prices and what to do in each town.

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Salta, Argentina has all the makings of a charming city – so what was missing?

Posted on 10. Nov, 2013 by .


We have to admit that Salta left us unimpressed, even though the colonial town in northern Argentina seems to have it all and tourists love it. So what was missing?

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Casa de Borgoña | Where to stay in Salta, Argentina

Posted on 10. Nov, 2013 by .


If you find yourself in Salta, Argentina, this beautiful restored 20th century colonial style posada was comfortable, well-priced and the staff made us feel incredibly welcome.

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Through the glass: Scenes from the road in Argentina

Posted on 30. Oct, 2013 by .


We drove thousands of miles on buses driving through Argentina’s vast landscapes and changing sceneries. Check out the scenes from the road we captured from the window.

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Inflation and the Blue Dollar: How much does it really cost to travel in Argentina?

Posted on 22. Oct, 2013 by .


We traveled 80 days through Argentina – how much money did we actually spent? Find out the best way to travel Argentina on the cheap and how to get the Blue Dollar rate.

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Life and death on a road trip through the Quebrada de Humahuaca

Posted on 15. Oct, 2013 by .


There is no better way to experience the technicolor Quebrada de Humahuaca area of northern Argentina than by a road trip.

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Is Cafayate the most underrated town in Argentina?

Posted on 08. Sep, 2013 by .


Many visitors to Argentina never even hear of Cafayate, but this wine region is easily one of the highlights of our time in the country.

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Why Porteños escape to Rosario, Argentina (and why you should, too!)

Posted on 03. Sep, 2013 by .


Rosario is the third-biggest city of Argentina, but often skipped by tourists. Many Porteños escape to Rosario whenever they can – and we think you should, too!

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Six things nobody tells you about Iguazu Falls

Posted on 25. Aug, 2013 by .


Yesterday, we shared our experience visiting Iguazu Falls, one of South America’s natural highlights. We covered the experience of the visit to the Falls, like most travel publications tend to do. After all, that’s why we all go up to this corner of the jungle. But no one talks about what the actual trip there […]

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