Top 5 Nature & Wildlife Areas in Israel

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Are you planning an adventure trip to Israel this summer? From the Negev desert to the Lebanon border, the country has a lot to offer.

Are you in the adventure mood? Then grab your hiking boots, backpack, and a camera to capture breathtaking memories. Visit one or more of these natural reserves.

The Ramon Crater

The Ramon Crater is the most massive erosion crater in the universe. It’s located south in the Negev desert. But the question is, how was the crater formed?

It was created over 200 million years ago when the ocean began to recede.  Currently, the crater spans an excess of 40 kilometers.

At Ramon Crater, you have a lot of activities to choose from, including hiking and cycling. As a natural reserve, Ramon Crater boasts of rare vultures and reptiles. Plan a visit today, and you won’t regret it.

dani ramon crater

Ein Gedi

Ein Gedi is located to the west of the Dead Sea shores. Ein Gedi is a popular hiking site in Israel. The Ein Gedi oasis is appealing to the eyes. It displays two springs that gush out water all year round. The area boasts diverse flora. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot a leopard in the desert.

The Jews settled in Ein Gedi in the 7th century, and their remnants are still visible. They include the old irrigation systems and the mosaic floor in ancient synagogues.

ein gedi view

The Banias Stream

The Banias, a 3.5-kilometer spring, is the home of tranquillity. The natural reserve is located at the base of Mount Hermon in the upper Galilee. The stream also leads to the biggest waterfall in Israel. Banias’ stream reserve offers a display of serene beauty and a sleek history.

Plan a visit this winter or spring and discover the Banias cave inside the woodlands. Check the ruins of the Roman Temple that Herod built as a tribute to Caesar.

dani ein gedi

Agamon Hahula

Agamon Hahula located in the upper Galilee in the heart of the Hula Valley. The Agamon Hahula is among the best bird migration routes in the world. Over 500 million birds fly through there every fall and spring.


Gan Hashlosha

Gan Hashlosha is located near the base of mount Gilboa. Sachne hot spring is the main attraction here. The thermal spring is capable of retaining water temperatures at 28 degress Celsius.

Israel’s nature and wildlife areas have a lot to offer. The best way to enjoy these sites is by using car rental Israel service.

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