Polaroid of the week: Fun at the Floralis Genérica Sculpture in Buenos Aires

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polaroid of the week argentina buenos aires floralisWe had seen the giant steel flower on postcards around Buenos Aires, and last week we decided that it was time to finally see it for ourselves.

Called Floralis Genérica, this giant flower was a gift to the city by its architect Eduardo Catalano ten years ago and is now one of the most recognizable landmarks of Buenos Aires. However, many Porteños (Buenos Aires locals) feel that it is truly a symbol of the city for the following reason. Initially, the flower used to open its petals every morning and close them after sunset. Recently, and suddenly, the flower stopped working and sits still, and unfixed, for the last couple of years (apparently like many things in the city).

But hey, we still had fun hanging out by this silver masterpiece, taking funny photos jumping in front of it on a beautiful spring day!

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  1. Hola chicas! Great blog. I’ve pinned a few of your lovely photos to my BsAs pinterest board: : I give this link to all my guests at Jardin del Tango, but anyone can take a look. Glad to hear you are enjoying our lovely city. As to the symbolism of Floralis Genérica, some would say it was intended as a feminine balance to the very phallic Obelisco, and that its current state of disrepair says something about the gender priorities (and agenda) in this city under Mayor Macri (who detests Presidenta Cristina). Not that I would want to get into politics on a travel blog. Loved your San Telmo entry too – the best photo essay I have seem yet on that topic. Besitos, Rachel.

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