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Working Your Way Through Your Travels

Working Your Way Through Your Travels

Last Updated on July 24, 2020

Since you were very young you wanted to see the world. Now, that you’re entering your thirties, you made the decision to leave the office job behind and pursue your passion. Thankfully, there are many ways to earn income while seeing the world.dani with camera

Attire for Your Adventures

Until recently, your wardrobe contained suits, slacks, and an abundance of heels and accessories. With mountains, forests, and uneven, rugged terrain in the future, you’ll need a new wardrobe that consists of comfortable and protective casual wear. Jeans, sweats, sweaters, and a decent pair of women’s safety work boots are just a few of the items you’ll need. Sunscreen and bug spray are also essential products to keep you safe. 

Freelance Work

Today, many people are working from remote locations. One of the biggest attractions of being a freelancer is the ability to work from anywhere on your terms. You wake up when you want, work when you want, and play when you want. There are also no restrictions on the amount you can earn and the commute is a few steps from the bedroom. It’s a perfect career path for someone who wants to remain free and travel the world. 
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Seeing the World

With a way to earn money, you can plan to be in Rome for a few weeks and then head off to the Mediterranean to see Croatia, Spain, and Egypt. You can take a map of the world and start from one location and continue your travels until you see every place you want. 

Odd Jobs During Your Travels

If you prefer not to carry a laptop in tow, you can always find odd jobs in the countries you visit. Peacekeepers, teachers, and tour guides are in high demand and in many cases they are seasonal. If you have a talent such as music or drawing, you can join in the festivals and sell your works of art. Or, if you prefer, sail a yacht, take up waitressing jobs or become a bartender. In remote locations around the world, manual labor is often needed. You can help restore structures or partake in new construction for the village. There’s also plenty of seasonal work, such as picking fruit or harvesting grapes on a vineyard. The point is that if you only want enough to fund your travels, there are plenty of opportunities during your travels.vineyard umbria

Setting Up Savings

Before booking your first flight, you should have savings to guarantee you get off on the right foot. Factor in things like housing, food and essentials, air flight, and emergency money to hold you over in the event you don’t land a job in the first week. 

Adopting a Minimalist Lifestyle

It can be difficult to part with all of the items you collected over the years. However, since you will travel often you won’t need any furniture and most of your personal belongings. You have several options for your things. You can sell them and add the money to your savings, give them away, or have a family member hang onto them for you. If you find items you want when you head to different places, you can always ship them to a relative to hold.dani o cebreiro camino de santiago

Try It Out First

While you’re anxious to begin your new life, it may not turn out to be what you expect, this can happen. It’s in your best interest to give it a go first. Take your 2 weeks vacation and play the role. See if you can find work and whether or not this is everything you imagined. If it turns out that this is not your cup of tea, you can always return to the office as per usual. 

Traveling the world is something that many people dream of. Pursuing your true passion is always gratifying. If this is something of interest, give it a try first, before quitting your office job and leaving civilization behind.dani ramon crater