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Surrealist painter Salvador Dali said he couldn’t live in Mexico because it was too surreal for him – a piece of information sure to stir up intrigue in anyone familiar with the artist’s work. But what made him say this? And why should you visit the very place this mind-bending artist couldn’t handle? Read on to find out why a holiday to Mexico could make you glad of the persistence of memory…

Mexico City Street ArtMexico’s weird and wonderful landscapes are one thing you are unlikely to forget once you’ve seen them, and the country’s views could well have inspired Dali’s ‘surreal’ label, with breath-taking mountain ranges, sprawling desserts and tropical rainforests all vying for attention. In fact, the second-largest remaining tropical rainforest in the Americas stretches through Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, and is home to equally enthralling creatures such as the white-lipped peccary, the tapir, the scarlet macaw, the harpy eagle and the howler monkey. Also, The Nature Conservancy reports that five large cat species live in the lush greenery there.

Tulum ruins But let’s take a step back and look at Mexico’s position on the map, and what this means for the holidaymaker. This stunning country is bordered by the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, the US and Guatemala. While the majority of the Mexican northern and central territories are located at high altitudes, the yearly temperature average doesn’t normally fall below 20 °C, but does reach up to 28°C. In other words, Mexico is nestled in surroundings that make it a diverse and interesting landscape and it enjoys lovely weather that is not unbearably hot.

For those who want a holiday full of fantastic sights and activities, Mexico is perfect. Tourists can go diving to explore part of the world’s second largest coral reef at the Parque Marino Nacional Arrecifes de Cozumel, or snorkel with whale sharks in Cancun. History buffs can enjoy the city’s rich selection of museums or visit the ancient empire of the pre-Hispanic Aztec capital – the ruins of which were found under the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral – and see two religious temples, pyramids, serpent carvings, and shrines.

Palenque ruinsIf you want to laze around on a stunning sun-kissed beach, Mexico can deliver the perfect backdrop to your holiday snaps with its 450 different beaches.

Food in Mexico is a vibrant melting pot of different influences from South America, the Caribbean and Africa, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have its own clear identity too. Dishes based on corn and vibrant, spicy foods with tongue-tingling chilli flavours are available in abundance in Mexico, and a new and exciting food experience is always around the corner if you’re prepared to be adventurous!

Mexican Street FoodWithout wishing to argue with one the most famous artists of all time, thanks to it’s beautiful landscape, exciting and colourful food offerings and amazing history, perhaps there’s a better word to describe Mexico.


  1. As always, amazing photos, Girls!

    When I scrolled down and saw these shots I got progressively more excited and started wishing I was heading back to Mexico right now:
    Kooky Art!
    Beautiful water!
    Fancy ruins!

    1. Thanks a lot, Justin! Mexico is just so photogenic, it’s hard to take a bad picture here 😀 Mexico definitely remains in our Top 5 countries.

  2. Hi girls, pretty good job what you do here.
    I just read the post about chilean food and i have to say:
    I am from Mexico and i have 4 months living in Chile and… i have not found any dish which i really like.
    I mean, nothing have any taste. Its all potato pure, rice, meat or french fries with no flavour.
    Imagine how I feel about it being mexican and usually eating lots of delicious food in my country.
    I think chilean people dont want to accept that their food is bad. I cant believe how do they presume about a piece of bread and oil called sopaipilla. Its toooo simple.
    When i was eating a subway today i thought ‘im gonna look in the internet ‘why the chilean food have no taste’, and the news talking about the post just pop in all the main results.
    Of course in your blog i had to compare about what you wrote of my country and … well, the food is way better.
    Keep with the good work girls 🙂

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