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Why Girls Trips Are Good for You (Really!)

Why Girls Trips Are Good for You (Really!)

Last Updated on March 13, 2022

As women, we often have commitments pulling us in what feels like a million different directions. Home responsibilities, family and children, work, and everything else we have to do in a day can pile up over time, making us feel burned out.

One of the best ways to unwind and remember who you are outside of your responsibilities is to plan a girls’ trip.

There can be nothing better to recharge, let loose and take on a new perspective than planning a getaway with your best girlfriends. The following are some of the ways a girls’ trip isn’t just fun but is a necessity.

Release Some Feel-Good Hormones

When you take a girls’ trip or a trip with anyone whose company you enjoy, it can release neurotransmitters like oxytocin and dopamine as well as serotonin. They all make you feel good.

Oxytocin, in particular, is known as the trust or love hormone, and you release more of it when you’re with friends.

You’ll feel friendlier, more open, and more generous. You’re likely to continue experiencing these hormonal benefits even after you return.

Some hormones aren’t so good. Cortisol is an example. Cortisol is a stress hormone. It’s normal for our bodies to release it in certain situations, but for many people, modern lives mean we’re constantly stuck in a state of high stress and, therefore, high cortisol. High cortisol levels can wreak havoc on your health, causing everything from anxiety to weight gain.

When you’re with people you love and enjoy, it decreases your levels of the stress hormone.

Strengthen Your Brain

When you have a strong social circle and spend time with people, it’s good for your brain. As you age, the more time you spend socializing, the more you can cut your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Social support keeps your brain active and engaged no matter how old you are.

People without strong bonds, according to research, are more at risk of cognitive decline later in their life, depression, and perhaps even a shorter lifespan. In one paper that looked at data from hundreds of thousands of people, a lack of social connection increased the risk of premature death by up to 50%.

You’ll Come Back with a New Perspective

When you take time away with your girlfriends, instead of feeling guilt, realize that when you come back, you’re likely to be a better friend, mother, spouse, daughter, and person. It’s important to step outside of our daily routines from time to time to shift our perspective and experience more gratitude.

When you feed your soul with positive experiences, and you’re a happier person, you’re creating value for the people you share life with.

Take Yourself Back to Your Younger Days

As we get older, life can get in the way of having fun or letting loose.

When you take a trip with girlfriends, especially if you knew them when you were younger, you can feel like you’re transported to that time again. That’s a good thing. You can be relaxed and feel like you don’t have a care in the world, even if you do.

You can laugh and remember what life was like. That doesn’t mean you don’t love your life now, but reminiscing is always a positive.

It’s Good For Your Physical Health

In general, traveling is good for your physical health. This doesn’t just include trips with your girlfriends. People who take regular vacations tend to be more productive and creative, but they also have a lower risk of serious chronic conditions like heart disease.

Vacation and time off can keep your body physically well and your mind more balanced.

You Can Share Your Feelings

Everyone needs an outlet where they can openly and honestly share their feelings about their lives and whatever is going on, but we don’t always have that in daily life. For example, if you’re having an issue with your spouse, you might not want to talk to them about it.

A girls’ trip lets you all share what’s going on in your own lives with your kids, your careers, or anything else.

You don’t always need to talk because you want advice or a solution, but instead, you want that emotional release that comes with sharing and having people actively listen.

If you’re convinced, get to planning. Give yourself permission to enjoy a trip with your closest girlfriends and realize not only will it be fun, but it will be good for you too.