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Who Are FIT Tourists and Are You One of Them?

Who Are FIT Tourists and Are You One of Them?

Last Updated on November 6, 2017

Originally, FIT was the acronym for Foreign Independent Tour, but its meaning has now diversified to describe the fully independent tourist or traveler. FIT is also interchangeably used to describe the foreign independent traveler, free independent traveler and frequent independent tourist. Overall, the definitions offered for this acronym describe a class of tourists and travelers who prefer to travel independently.

In such cases, the tourist designs his or her itinerary and arranges their own travel plans, which are not restricted to any imposed schedule. So, are you a FIT tourist/traveler?chichen itza dani jump mexico

Plan Own Trips

The internet’s popularity has had a major impact on all aspects that go into planning a travel itinerary, making it easy for the independent traveler to avoid things like the traditional travel agents and their packaged trips. Due to this, FITs is becoming a fast growing segment of the tourist market that can no longer be ignored. All sort of information is available for the tourist at the touch of a button, including worldwide hotel reservations, transportation arrangements and first hand information on places of interest.

Reject Group Travel

The tourist who fits in the FITs category usually travels solo, in small intimate groups of family or friends, or in couples. FITs range anywhere from the millennials to the retirees in age, but usually have above-average incomes that cater for their independent travel bug, which is sometimes more expensive compared to traveling as a larger organized group. However, FITs share one thing in common, the desire to avoid the allure of traveling in masses in favor of an independent, individualized approach.

FITs will usually be on the lookout for any chance to deeply explore and immerse themselves in their chosen destinations. This means that they have an emphasis on enjoying the local culture, history, architecture and food, on their own and at their own pace.dani negev desert hike

May Occasionally Use Travel Agents

While “I” in the acronym FITs stands for independence, it is sometimes to great advantage if they contacted travel professionals with the experience of providing services to clients who like making their own plans, especially if venturing out to exotic destinations. This does not mean that the independent tourist has relinquished their independence. In fact, travel professionals have realized the huge popularity of independent travel that they have created services that are aimed at these types of travelers.

In addition, agencies can create a customized trip for small groups or the individual who want to create their own travel plans and itineraries. Such an agent will help you create that custom sightseeing with a private tour guide, arrange for wine-tasting tour and even hook you up with knowledgeable local services like the one you’ll see if you visit who will help you explore a city even more. Such travel agencies are a vital component in ensuring that you find out-of-the-way accommodations and activities that are usually not advertised on the internet.dani and jess cycling in central park

Enjoy a Flexible Schedule

It is easy to find a guided tour that fits your travel plans, but there is a limit to where you can wander off to and what activities you can do. There is no chance of making last minute changes to the plans and you can’t take a breather for an hour or two in a location you had hoped to see. For a FIT tourist, if he or she falls in love with a destination, instead of spending just a day, you can turn it into 12 and still be fine with it.

For many, FIT travel is not just a hobby or an activity to enjoy during a holiday; it is a life-changing experience. It offers tourists a chance to view the world differently.