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Where to Stay When Visiting New York City

Where to Stay When Visiting New York City

Last Updated on August 17, 2022

Many travelers have, at some point or another, set their sights on visiting New York City. The reasons for this are that the city itself has so much to offer. Entertainment, world-class dining options, museums, and a great deal of history are all in the cards when you take a trip to NYC.

Because the city is such a hub for tourism, not to mention the amount of business travel that comes through New York City, there is a large number of hotels available to choose from for your stay. They range greatly in quality and price, and they are also located all throughout the city. With so many options to choose from, it would be understandable for you to find a bit of difficulty when trying to choose the right hotel for you.

The good news is that since the city hosts so many tourists each and every year, you are bound to be able to find a fair few reviews online for the hotels that you are interested in checking out. Furthermore, identifying the specific area of New York City that you would like to stay in based on the attractions that you want to see can be incredibly helpful.

Even though the city itself is incredibly accessible via the subway system and other public transportation options, it is still a vast place. You want to make sure that you are staying at a hotel that is in the right location for you.where to stay in New York

The top hotels in the various neighborhoods of New York City have built solid reputations for themselves amongst locals and visitors alike. Here are just a few of those hotels that are known for offering guests excellent service and restful stays for you to choose from for your next visit to the great city of New York.

Where to Stay When Visiting New York City

Westgate Resort New York Grand Central

With 300 beautifully designed rooms, the Westgate Resort is conveniently located right down the street from Grand Central Station.

 If you are looking to stay in a hotel that is located about as conveniently as they come, then you should start your list of potential hotels with the Westgate Resort New York Grand Central. This historic hotel has a great deal to offer a guest in the way of food, comfort, and quality.

For starters, the history of the building itself is truly fascinating. Constructed in the early 1900s, what was originally called the Hotel Tutor is now the Westgate Resort that stands today. The hotel’s architecture has been beautifully maintained, and the renovations that have been done on the space have created the perfect blend between the old-world charm of the building and the modern comforts that hotel guests expect and appreciate.

One of the best things about staying at the Westgate is that you are in close proximity to some of NYC’s top attractions, including the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center. As far as Manhattan hotels go, this is certainly one worth a look.


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Lotte New York Palace

Two restaurants, four bars, and so much more await guests at the Lotte New York Palace.

Another historic hotel that has stood the test of time on the mean streets of New York is the Lotte New York Palace. With features such as the Gold Room, it is no wonder why The Palace bears its name.

Construction of what is now the Lotte New York Palace originally began in 1882 when several townhouses were built with their own courtyard in the heart of what is now Midtown. When these buildings were joined with the neighboring 55-floor hotel, the Lotte was born.

Over the course of the years, the hotel has received its fair share of renovations. However, its neoclassical charm has never been diminished. Rather, it has simply been enhanced by the modern comforts that have been introduced to the lobby and rooms alike.

When your stay at the Lotte, you will be right up the road from Rockefeller Center and many other NYC hotspots. This means that you will have no shortage of things to do or places to see on your visit to New York.

Lotte New York Palace

Lotte Palace Hotel by Shinya Suzuki on

Sofitel New York

This Parisian-inspired hotel in the heart of Manhattan will help you to feel relaxed and at home while staying in the Big Apple.

When you choose to stay at the Sofitel New York, you afford yourself the opportunity to enjoy the sort of luxurious elegance you would expect to find on a visit to Paris. However, even though this hotel is grand in scale, its rooms and features will make you feel as comfortable as if you were right at home.

Located in the Theater District, anyone hoping to take in a few shows during their time in NYC will love this convenient location. You will also be in close proximity to many other New York attractions that are undoubtedly on your list of things to do in NYC.

Lastly, since the Sofitel is part of a French chain of hotels, you can be sure that the French cuisine that is offered in the hotel restaurant is about as authentic as it gets. The other Parisian and French elements incorporated throughout the hotel are sure to delight any and every guest who stays at the Sofitel.New York Hotels

The Kimberly Hotel

For a more stately stay in the Big Apple, the elegant Kimberly Hotel is a top choice.

What was once a popular hangout for US President Jimmy Carter is now known as one of the premier hotels in Midtown. With a prime location close to 5th Avenue and the historic St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

The hotel itself has an air of professional luxury about it, and large windows throughout allow a great deal of natural light in the lobby. The rooms are comfortable and spacious without being too overbearing. There is also plenty of natural light in the rooms to enjoy.

There are also a variety of food options at the Kimberly that are sure to delight any guest. You can opt for some delightful Italian cuisine at Bistango or take in the views while you dine at Upstairs at The Kimberly.

This boutique suite hotel is an ideal place to stay for tourists and politicians alike looking to enjoy all that NYC has to offer.where to stay in new york

The Surrey Hotel

The calm vibe of the Surry Hotel gives guests a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you are new to New York City and not quite accustomed to the sort of energy that it possesses, you might benefit from a stay at the oasis that is The Surrey Hotel. Located on the Upper East Side, you can consider The Surrey your personal haven in the midst of all the traffic and lights of the city.

During your stay, make sure to take advantage of the quaint yet refreshing rooftop garden as well as the treatments offered at the on-site spa. The rooms themselves aren’t overwhelming with their décor and thus serve as the perfect escape to relax in. Make no mistake about it, though, The Surrey isn’t short on luxury and style.

The benefit of staying on the Upper East Side is that you are going to be right next door to some world-class shopping, incredible dining options, as well as a few notable museums and art galleries. You will get to enjoy all of the glamour associated with a stay on the Upper East Side.New York Hotels

The William Vale

With 183 guest rooms and a 60-foot rooftop pool, The William Vale is ideal for your summertime stay in Brooklyn.

If your stay in NYC will focus more on Brooklyn than any other area, then a stay at The William Vale is certainly in order. You can take a dip in the stunning 60-foot rooftop pool on a warm, sunny day or relax at the rooftop bar located on the 22nd floor.

Stunning in architecture, this hotel can be seen from a ways off. The views that are afforded from one of the many balconies and windows are no less impressive. You will be able to take in the sights of the Manhattan Skyline as well as the East River.

The neighborhood of Williamsburg in which The William Vale is situated is the trendiest neighborhood in the entire borough. There is an abundance of culture and art to take in as well as a variety of delightful dining options sure to satisfy any palette. You will find yourself right at home in one of their comfortable rooms designed with a hint of luxury.

If you are not sold on the William Vale, check out these hotels in Brooklyn.where to stay in New York