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What is the secret behind Italy’s endless appeal?

Last Updated on January 1, 2016

Holiday-makers often on the lookout for the holiday hotspot in Europe, whether they are making trends or chasing them. Before the millennium, the eastern coast of Spain was the ultimate sand and sun destination. Now it is often referred to as the Costa del England, and people are turned off by the hordes of tourists still flocking there. The same can be said for once-fashionable spots in Greece, Turkey and Portugal, for example. But not Italy. Italy seems to always stand, whether for a chic city break in Rome or the calmer side of life walking and sightseeing in Tuscany. Italy has traditionally been, and probably always will be, one of the best holiday destinations for Europeans, but why is that?

siena square with fountainThe history is classic

The history of Ancient Rome and the Roman Republic shaped European history and resulted in one of the coolest cities on the planet today – Rome. People never tire of going out to see the ancient ruins throughout the country. The Roman Empire also serves as the foundation for what we base so much of our own society and culture on today, which makes learning about it instantly relatable, even if history is not usually your thing.

roofs of volterraDiverse Landscape

The diverse landscapes of Italy mean it has something for everybody. Easy beach getaways are possible along thousands of kilometers of coastline, while the rolling hills of Tuscany make for perfect weeks exploring the vineyards, for example. Buildings built into jagged cliffs make both Cinque Terre and the Amalfi Coast feel so incredibly unique while the northern landscape of the Alps is perfect for hiking and skiing.

cinque terre.JPGItalian Cuisine

Most likely though, what unites us all in our love of the Italian getaway is Italian food and wine. We all scarf down ‘versions’ of Italian food in our own countries, but eating your way through Italy’s authentic cuisine never gets old. Traditional brick oven pizza, fresh handmade pasta and affordable table wine that tastes better than most of those $30 bottles of ‘house wine’ back home.

iano truffle pastaWe might visit Italy for the shopping, the fashion, food, culture, to be a beach bum or a ski bum, but each time we return we know that Italy will always call us back for more.