We are dreaming of a beach vacation…

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Last Updated on July 2, 2013 by Jess

Jess and I both love beaches and no matter where we go, we always try to fit in a few laid-back days staring at the ocean. Although we have spend time in the Carribbean, Thailand, and Goa, we have one destination that we keep dreaming about: the Maldives. This tiny archipelago of islands in the Indian Ocean is the place that we have both longing to go for years – 1,192 picture-perfect coral islands with the clearest water found anywhere in the world.

MaldivesThe weather is perfect all year round, with sunshine and temperatures of 30°C. Only 200 of the islands are populated, and it is one of the most peaceful and serene places in the world.

What lures us to this tropical paradise is that there is nothing else to do but lying on the beach and bathing in the sun, with the occasional walk over in the water to snorkel and watch the incredible underwater life. There is nothing to distract you from the natural beauty, it is all about relaxing and recharging your batteries. Laptops are left at home, the only things that will be packed are our Kindles filled with books and our swimsuits. Did you know that most of the resorts on the Maldives have a strict NO SHOES policy? The white, powdery sand touches your feet in such a gentle way that you would not want to put on shoes anyway!

Maldives, your perfect holiday destinationOnly 80 of these islands are home to tourist resorts, and most islands even hold only one resort, which makes this not any ordinary holiday destination, but a truly special and luxury place. The cheapest resorts charge $1,000 per couple per week, but these are far from the stunning water bungalows with glass bottoms that allow you to watch the sea life from your bed and if you get too bored from doing that, you can enjoy a DVD on your plasma TV bigger than in most homes and the elusive food of a 5* resort.

The price tag might seem high, but remember that you will basically have your own beach in paradise instead of finding a free spot on the beaches like you have to do in the summer in Italy or Southern France. We hope that one day we will be able to afford such a sumptuous vacation, and we will keep looking out for a low cost holidays discount code until we find one that gets us a great deal for our Maldives dream vacation.


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