Ways to Save Money When Traveling Long-Term

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You’ve come to realize that life is too short. There’s so much you haven’t seen or experienced, and time isn’t slowing down for anyone. You’re going on a long-term trip to explore the world and escape the monotony of everyday life. You can’t wait to begin your journey but traveling long-term could cost a pretty penny. If you’re going to survive on your excursion, you’ll need to be wise with your money. Here are six ways to save money when traveling long-term:plane

Create a Budget and stick to it

Though keeping a budget during your travels might seem like a chore, it can actually save you a lot of money. You’d be surprised how easy it is to blow through cash when you’re vacationing. Before you know it, you’re out of money and have to return home early. 

Calculate the money you’ve been saving and any money you plan on earning while traveling long-term (housesitting, travel blogging, photography, online business, etc.) to discern how much you have to work with. 

After doing some research to determine how much it costs to travel long-term, create maximum spending limits for everything you’ll need during your travels. Review your budget frequently to ensure you’re not going over those limits.canadian money

Book Cheap Flights

Airline tickets are often the most costly expense when traveling. To save money on your long-term trip, it is best to shop around for cheap flights. There are a number of tricks and tips for finding the most affordable rates. 

First, you should use price comparison sites to find the best airline tickets. Then, consider when you’re flying. Traveling off-peak can also save you a great deal of money. Look for tickets early in the morning, late at night, or in the middle of the week. 

If you want to treat yourself a bit and travel in style, instead of going first class, you can save money and find cheap business flights.air asia plane kuala lumpur malaysia

Cook Your Meals

It can be pretty tempting to want to eat out every night when you’re traveling. You want to try all the different cuisines and indulge in delectable dishes. But eating out can quickly drain your travel budget. Which is why you should plan out your meals wisely – especially the ones you want to eat at restaurants.  Eating out for every meal may be affordable on a short vacation, but when you travel long-term, you’ll want to limit eating at restaurants to max. once a day. Many places have lunch specials – it’ll pay off to do your research. Look for coupons or discounts for local restaurants and take advantage of Happy Hour specials.

For the other two meals: prepare them at the hotel, the house you’re watching, or in your Airbnb. If you’re renting an apartment, make sure it has a fully equipped kitchen.homemade huevos rancheros


Housesitting has become an increasingly popular way to travel the world the world long-term. It offers you a free place to stay – usually in return for pet care. There are homeowners all over the world who need the services of housesitters when they’re out of town, and the houses are usually fantastic. Many of them have swimming pools or jacuzzis, entertainment rooms, and a backyard or a deck. Homeowners often look for long-term sitters in their second homes, for example in Mexico, which is great for long-term travelers who want to slow down for a bit. Sign up for an account with a housesitting website and start looking for housesits in the area you plan to travel to.arizona housesit

Find Free Activities

There are a lot of ways you can explore the world, take in the sites, and have a good time for free. You can walk through a park, go on a hike, go swimming in a lake, check out a museum, attend a free local festival, stroll through a market, find some street art, lounge on the beach, and so much more. Do some online research to find out what free things you can do where you’re traveling to – a quick Google search “free things to do in” plus the name of the city you’re visiting is all it takes to find some cool free stuff to york upstate hike

Walk When Possible (Or Use Public Transportation)

Car rentals may be necessary for certain areas, but wherever you can, it is best to walk or take public transportation. Walking, of course, is free and will save you the most money. Public transportation such as a bus, trolley, or train, is certainly a lot more affordable than taking a cab or ride share. 

Sometimes, you just have to grab life by the horns. Long-term travel is without a doubt an experience of a lifetime. Of course, it does require proper planning. Part of that means ensuring that you have enough cash to last your entire trip. The above-mentioned tips are sure to help you save quite a bit of money that can be used for other necessities during your journey.

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