Ways to Save for Your Next Adventure

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Last Updated on July 18, 2020 by Dani

You love exploring the world. It gives you a thrill to experience new places and cultures. However, these trips can put a drain on your wallet. Thankfully, there are several ways to save money every day to help fund your next trip. 

1 Buy Your Essentials for Less

You use things like shampoo, deodorant, and cosmetics daily. Unfortunately, paying the retail prices for the top brands can cost a lot of money over the course of a month. Luckily, there are sites such as Rebate Key that find stores offering discounts on many of the supplies you need. For example, you can select a Walgreens coupon code and receive a discount at the register. Looking through the local store flyers will also help you find sales on the things you buy. 

2 Use Credit Cards With Rewards

There are many credit cards available. However, some provide benefits beyond convenience. Cash back on purchases will provide a return you can use to purchase other items. Credit cards that offer rewards in the form of airline miles can be used to reduce the costs of future tickets, hotels, and car rentals. Some even allow you to transfer balances from one or more cards, helping to reduce your monthly payments and pay off purchases interest-free for a period of 12 months or more. 

3 Start a side hustle

A part-time job provides a great way to put money away without using any of your current income. You can work at a supermarket, deliver food, or drive for Lyft or Uber. If you prefer not to leave your home, a part-time job writing, editing, or completing surveys are a few of the possibilities you can find online. Working 10-15 hours each week will raise a lot of cash for your next getaway to Mexico City or wherever you want to go. 

4 Refrain From Frivolous Expenses

Day to day unnecessary expenses like coffees, lunches, and dining out may be convenient, but they can add hundreds of dollars to your monthly bills. Make an effort to rein in your frivolous purchases. By limiting them to a few times a month as a treat versus four or five times a week, you can keep more money in your pocket. 

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5 Find Things to do that are Inexpensive

There are many activities that you can do over the weekend that cost very little money. A farmer’s market, going to the park and having a picnic, and taking a bike ride are a few ideas. You can also visit museums and libraries that are free to the public and look for discounts on tickets to the zoo and various restaurants. The local high school team’s sporting events are available for a few dollars (and the money you do spend helps fund the school’s future activities), and treasure hunts with kids are free and provide lots of fun. 

6 Collect Your Change

Saving your change in a jar is something your grandparents did to purchase large items. They would save for a year and then go out and splurge. You can use this same method or employ an app to add a few hundred to your growing nest egg. 

7 Shop After the Holidays

Once a major holiday passes, the deals roll in. That’s because stores need to make room for the new season. Some of the store savings can be 50, 60 or even 70 percent off the item’s original sticker price. In addition to saving an abundance of money, you’ll also have a lot to show for it. New cars come in during the latter part of the fall. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, select one of last year’s models to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.dani silvercarPursuing your dream of traveling to new and exciting parts of the world is possible. Cutting back on your day to day expenses and finding ways to enjoy life for less, is a step in the right direction.

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