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Visiting Mammoth For A Getaway

Visiting Mammoth For A Getaway

Last Updated on September 24, 2021

If you live in San Diego, L.A, or pretty much anywhere in southern California, then you have your choice of many gorgeous destinations that are less than an 8-hour drive away. One of those places is none other than Mammoth. Although Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead are also popular destinations in the region, Mammoth offers something unique and special to Southern Californians. You can tell from the name alone that Mammoth offers an expansive adventure land for all activity types. Not only that, but there are plenty of things to do each season of the year. Follow along for tips and what to do in Mammoth if you choose to go! 

Preparing For Mammoth

Like any vacation, you should be financially prepared to go without having to worry about spending a lot of money while you’re there. After all, who likes having to worry about their finances on a vacation? If you are struggling with your debt, you should consider debt consolidation in San Diego. You may also want to think about planning your trip a couple of months in advance. That way, you can save money and book excursions for cheaper rates before it becomes too close to the time you’re going. Having a great vacation means planning enough beforehand, while still also keeping some things spontaneous. 

Another thing to consider is the drive to Mammoth. If you choose to drive there, you will want a designated driver to help you commit to the route. Whether it’s you, one of your friends, or family members, they should be comfortable driving for a longer period of time. You can always rotate halfway through the trip if it becomes too strenuous. Plan for a time when there’s no traffic, so you can get there as soon as possible. Although driving at night or early morning might sound like a challenge to some, you may encounter the least amount of traffic during those times. 

Summer In Mammoth 

With the amazing combination of mountain lakes and ranges in Mammoth, you will find the largest selection of things to do here during the summer. If you prefer water sports, you can kayak, fish, swim, or boat on the lake. The summer is also a great time to go camping, where many of them are located near alpine lakes and forested streamside settings. A perfect way to enjoy the beauty of nature while adding in some adventure. Some other great activities for the summer include hiking, mountaineering, biking, and golf — not to mention simply sightseeing while also grounding yourself in nature!

Mammoth Lakes USA

Spring In Mammoth

Spring skiing in Mammoth is what California is all about. The cold nights keep the snow frozen while the sun during the day warms it up just right so it’s still comfortable and not too chilly. Mountain biking when the snow begins to thaw is also a perfect spring activity. Springtime also offers just enough warmth, but not too much like the summer, so you can take on the more ambitious routes without worrying about overheating. During the spring, we also recommend going fishing. Mono County fishing season opens on the last Saturday of April each year! 

Winter In Mammoth

Mammoth Mountain is California’s highest chair-lift serviced peak, making it the perfect place for snow sports. In fact, unlike Big Bear, you can count on Mammoth getting substantial snowfall because it is located higher North. Whether you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, or just a good old snowball fight — Mammoth is your place! Mammoth also offers snowmobiling, which is something not everyone has tried. If you decide to lodge in Mammoth, you can head back to the Jacuzzi after a long (cold!) day of snowboarding and warm up with a glass of hot cocoa. 

Fall In Mammoth

Fall may be arguably the most stunning time to visit Mammoth. With the Eastern Sierra painted Gold and Orange, it will take your breath away. You can horseback ride or hike to reach some stunning views. Additionally, it’s the perfect time to visit the natural thermal baths just outside of Mammoths, which is nature’s own hot tub! You won’t be freezing when you get out though, compared to Winter. Overall, if you’re an avid photographer or love fall, Mammoth is the best place to check off your bucket list. 

Autumn Reflections, Lake George, CA 9-16

Photo Credit: Images used via Flickr’s Creative Commons Licensing. (1) Mammoth Lakes by Airwolfhound; (2) Autumn Reflections on Lake George by Don Graham